SBI Alert: OTP will have to be entered for withdrawing money from SBI ATM, know the new process of withdrawing cash

SBI Cash Withdrawal: Big news has come for the customers of State Bank of India (SBI). Now if you are going to withdraw money from ATM, then you should know about the new rule. SBI has taken steps to make withdrawing money from SBI ATMs safe and secure.

what is the new rule
SBI customers will now have to enter an OTP to withdraw money from SBI ATMs. An OTP will come on the number of customers that is registered with their SBI ATM, which will be able to withdraw cash only after entering it in the ATM machine.

what will be the new way
The way to do this is that when you go to withdraw money from the ATM, take your mobile with you. To withdraw money from ATM in the normal way, you have to do the same process as before and after entering the PIN in it, you will be asked OTP which will come on your mobile. Put it in the ATM machine and after that your cash will be withdrawn.

How will there be more security?
In the current methods, you just have to put the card in the ATM machine and after that you can withdraw cash by entering the PIN of the card, but SBI has put another layer of security for this in the form of OTP, so that any unwanted person can withdraw money from your card. Money will not be able to withdraw because OTP will come on your mobile only.

The feature will work only on SBI ATMs
You should know that this feature will work only on SBI ATMs. If you have SBI card and you are withdrawing money from SBI ATM then this OTP process will be required. You will not need OTP when withdrawing cash from another bank’s ATM.

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