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We have always heard from elders that, whoever does what kind of karma, will get the same result. This is also true, we definitely get the fruits of our actions. Despite this rule made by nature, humans are often seen playing with it. One such video is becoming increasingly viral on social media, in which it can be seen proving to be true. This video assures that if you do bad to someone, bad will happen to you too.

It can be seen in this viral video that, the result of bad deed can never be good. In this video, a woman is harassing a chicken by pelting stones without any meaning, but after that a game happens with her. After which she must have been regretting it.

In the video going viral, it can be seen that many sheep are standing in the area behind the house. At the same time a woman is passing there. A rooster is passing near his feet and the woman does not know what to think and she starts stoning him. Seeing this, one of the sheep from the flock of sheep gets angry and attacks the woman with her horn. Despite the woman falling to the ground, the sheep continues its attack.

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This video has been shared on Twitter with an account named ‘IfsSamrat’. Seeing this video, people are making many types of comments. This video has got thousands of likes so far. Many times users are also retweeting this video. Many people have called it the fruit of karma. However, there are some people who are wishing for the well being of the woman.

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