Register your WhatsApp account with a missed call

Whatsapp Registration Process: WhatsApp is one of the most used messaging apps and to use it, you need to first register yourself on the application with your mobile number. When you create a WhatsApp account or re-register an existing account, you will need to verify that this phone number is yours, which helps keep your account secure. To register your account, your device must have an active SIM card, internet and mobile connection.

Here is the whole process

Also, when you create a WhatsApp account, you get to see two different screens. The first involves registration and the second two step verification. The registration screen appears when you are creating a new account or re-registering your existing account. To verify that the number you have entered is yours. A 6 digit registration code is sent to that number via SMS or phone call.

It is important to know that verifying your phone number with the registration code is the only way by which you can activate your account. You can verify your mobile number through phone call or SMS. If you have the option to verify your account through a phone call, you can complete the verification with a missed call from WhatsApp.

How to manage permissions on Android

  • As per the information provided by WhatsApp, if given an option to register with missed call, you will have to give this permission to WhatsApp.
  • Manage calls: Automatically end incoming phone calls to WhatsApp.
  • Access to Call Log: WhatsApp must have access to your call log so that it can check once that you have received the call.
  • Once you allow these two things, you will receive a phone call and WhatsApp will automatically disconnect the call to complete the registration. You do not need to receive phone calls, and you may not see incoming calls. It will appear in your call log as missed or rejected call from any number.
  • If you do not accept these permissions before completing the registration, you will need to verify your phone number via SMS.

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