Putin will announce the attack!

Moscow/Kyiv, Russian President Vladimir Putin can make a big announcement on Monday on the occasion of Russian Victory Day. It is being said that they will declare war against Ukraine. Although Russia attacked Ukraine on 24 February, but for the last 71 days, Russia has been calling this attack a ‘special military operation’. Now President Putin can declare it to be a full-fledged war. A day before this, preparations for Victory Day were going on all over Russia and on the other hand the Russian army kept bombing the cities of Ukraine. At least 60 people were killed in a Russian attack early on Sunday.

However, Russia celebrates Victory Day every year on May 9. Hitler’s Nazi army was defeated by the Russian army on 9 May 1945 in World War II. According to an estimate, 8 million people of Russia were killed in that war. In memory of that victory, Victory Day is celebrated in many countries of the old Soviet Union including Russia. However, there will be no Victory Day program this year in Ukraine, which is under Russian attack.

The US and the West have increased aid amid speculation that Russia will announce an attack on Ukraine. The US has sent an additional $150 million to Ukraine. The US is also giving information about the movement to the Russian army to Ukraine, due to which the Ukrainian army has so far killed many Russian military officers. Germany is also sending heavy weapons to Ukraine. It is also being told that the Ukrainian army has received 12 Bayraktar TB-2 drones made in Turkey.

Meanwhile, Russia launched an airstrike on a school in Luhansk in eastern Ukraine early on Sunday. A statement issued by the Ukrainian government said that the bombing was carried out on a school in the village of Bilohorikhiva. Shelter was built in that school to protect civilians from attacks. This village is few kilometers away from the front line. There were a total of 90 people in that shelter home, out of which 30 have been rescued. 60 are feared to have died in this attack. The attack happened in the early hours of Sunday and all the people taking shelter in the shelter were asleep at the time.

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