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Poster and first look of ‘Pocket Money’ released

Producer of the film C. Shekhar said – Our film ‘Pocketmoney: Achieve the Goal’ is a socially entertaining film. Anti-national politics in the college, ragging and recovery continues despite the bandh order. The police also exposes the rampant corruption in the administration.
Whereas the director of “Pocket Money” Ashok Ghayal said – The film ‘Pocketmoney’ is a complete entertaining film full of action, romance, comedy.
Ashish Singh Bunty, Pankaj Mehta, Shivam, Manohar, Twinkle, Rashi, Animesh Pandey, Samunt Mishra, Satya Shukla, Sunaina, Raj Mohan and Shiva Singh Rajput are the main actors who adorned the film “Pocketmoney: Achieve the Goal”. . The co-producers are Uttam Pandey and Prabhu Narayan Singh.


Sahil Kothari

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