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Popular Ticket Pricing

Even when single screen theaters were abolished and multiplexes were built, there was talk from many corners that if tickets would become so expensive then how would people with less money or poor people watch the film. But the film industry and the multiplexes were only concerned about their earnings, so no one paid any attention to it. And in one case, the facility of watching films was taken away from the poor. Now this issue is being raised once again. Many people in the film industry are in favor of reducing the ticket rates so that more and more people come to the theatres. But some filmmakers still want that the tickets for big ie high budget films should be expensive.

In fact, on ‘National Cinema Day’ on September 23, the ticket rate across the country was reduced to Rs 75, which not only benefited not only ‘Brahmastra’ but also small budget films like ‘Chup’ and ‘Dhokha’. The idea of ​​’National Cinema Day’ came from America so that those who are not coming to see the cinema due to expensive tickets, they should be encouraged to come back to the theater. Due to the crowd seen in cinema halls on this day, it was decided to keep a ticket of Rs 100 for ‘Brahmastra’ in the first four days of Navratri. Although the move has not shown much benefit, carnival cine chains and Inox are advocating for affordable ticket rates forever. This is being called ‘popular ticket pricing’.

But other multiplexers are saying that how can big budget films be shown for Rs 75 or 100? According to him, at this rate, even if the house is full, the cost of the hall will not be able to cover. You may ask, brother, then why break the single screen theatre? Tickets were cheap in them, so seats were also many, which used to cover the cost. The truth is that many of today’s filmmakers decide at the time of making a film, what will be its ticket rate, so that the money comes out in a week. If poor people can’t watch movies, then because of their strength.

Sahil Kothari

Sahil Kothari is a Senior Journalist at youthistaan.com Follow him on twitter @sahilkothari21
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