Police got important clues in Mehrauli murder case

New Delhi. Delhi Police on Tuesday took Aftab, a 28-year-old man accused of murder of his live-in partner, to Chhatarpur forest where he allegedly threw the body parts.

A senior police officer said that under the investigation of this murder, accused Aftab Amin Poonawalla will be taken to the forest of Chhatarpur besides some other places in the city.

When Poonawalla was taken to the forest by the police, his face was covered with cloth and the cameramen and journalists were in a hurry to take his photo and statement. There seems to be public anger over this brutal murder because when he was taken to the forest of Chhatarpur, a woman questioned him that he was not ashamed of his actions.

Poonawalla told the police during the investigation that he killed his partner Shraddha Walker after a quarrel over marriage and the idea to cut her body into pieces came to him from an American television series ‘Dexter’.

Police said that the accused had bought a fridge to store the pieces of the body and he used to leave in the middle of the night to throw these pieces. According to the police, the accused had carefully planned to throw these pieces on the basis that which part of the body starts decomposing at the earliest.

According to the police, 13 pieces have been recovered from the areas where the accused gave information about dumping the body pieces, but only after forensic examination will it be confirmed whether they are related to the victim. The police have not yet found the weapon used in the murder.

Police said Poonawalla and Shraddha Walker came in contact with each other through an online dating app and later both started working in a call center in Mumbai and fell in love with each other. Police say that the couple moved to Mehrauli in South Delhi in May this year when their families opposed the relationship as both of them had different religions.

Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police-I (South District) Ankit Chauhan told that in mid-May, there was an altercation between the two over the marriage, which escalated and Poonawalla killed Shraddha. Chouhan told that due to differences of opinion regarding her relationship with Poonawalla, Shraddha did not even communicate properly with her family members.

In the complaint lodged by Shraddha’s father in Mumbai, it has been alleged that Poonawalla used to assault Shraddha and she had earlier told this to her family. Chouhan said, when the woman’s father called up the accused, he was told that the two separated sometime back. Unable to contact his daughter, he lodged a missing complaint.

After receiving the complaint, Mumbai Police traced Delhi as Shraddha’s last location and also called Aftab but his contradictory statements raised doubts, after which he (Mumbai Police) took Delhi Police with him. ( Language)

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