Plane Broke Video | Plane broke into two pieces during emergency landing, watch – Horror Video

new Delhi: You must have seen many videos on social media, but this video is going to blow your senses. Actually this plane accident happened in the country of Costa Rica in Central America. It happened that during an emergency landing on Thursday, a cargo plane broke into pieces. Let us tell you that this accident happened at Juan Santamaria International Airport. At the same time, after this horrific accident, the airport was temporarily closed and it remained closed till 6 am.

According to the information received, there was no passenger on this plane. Only two crew members were present in the cargo plane. Fortunately, he did not suffer any serious injuries and his condition is said to be fine. The information about this plane crash was given by Hector Chaves, Chief of Firefighters of Costa Rica.

Let us tell you that according to Red Cross activist Guido Vasquez, he has nevertheless been sent to the hospital “for medical examination” as a precaution. A video related to this accident has also surfaced which is blowing everyone’s senses, in which a bright yellow colored aircraft of German logistics giant DHL is seen coming out of smoke and it slammed off the runway during landing. Not only this, the rear wheels got separated.

Actually this accident happened around 10:30 am. The Boeing-757 aircraft had taken off from Santa Maria Airport, but after some malfunction, it returned only after 25 minutes. At the same time, it has become a victim of an accident during landing. The crew had apparently alerted the local authorities to the hydraulic problem.

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