Viral Video | A man reprimanded the Prime Minister of Australia, the video went viral

new Delhi: Just like in our country, after the President, officially the Prime Minister is respected for the country, in the same way it happens in most other countries too, but if we tell you that in a crowded gathering, a common person can scold the Prime Minister of the country fast or inconvenient. If you say things, what will be the situation? Yes, one such incident has come to light from Australia, where a Prime Minister has been reprimanded by a person in front of all the people. Now its video is becoming very viral. Let us know what is the matter after all…

what is the matter??

Let us tell you that these days a video of Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison is becoming very viral on social media in which he is seen in a pub. During this, an elderly man from Australia is seen reprimanding him. Actually this video has been shared by many users on Twitter. The BBC has told about this incident in one of its reports. According to the report, this incident happened last Wednesday when Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison reached a pub located in Newcastle. As soon as Morrison reached there, people surrounded him and during that time many TV reporters also reached there.

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The man told the Prime Minister…

As soon as the Prime Minister went there, seeing him in his midst, many people present there tried to talk to him. In the meantime, an elder also reached there and he told the truth. According to the report, a local elderly pensioner reprimanded the Australian PM for the income restrictions for pensioners. The pensioner said that you should live up to your promise.

Prime Minister listened carefully

According to the report, the elder also said that we have worked all our lives and have paid taxes. It is worth noting that during this time PM Morrison was listening very carefully to that old man. The entire incident was recorded by the media persons present there in their cameras. Now this clip is going viral all over the world. Now it has become a matter of discussion.

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