Petrol-Diesel: You can get up to 50 liters of free petrol and diesel! In this way you can take advantage of the offer

Free Petrol-Diesel through Credit Card: Petrol and diesel prices have seen a lot of increase in the last few years. Its effect is visible on everything from retail inflation. The government cut the excise duty a few days ago, but even after this, the prices of petrol and diesel are touching the sky. But, in the meantime, a news has come out which is going to give relief. If you are also troubled by the increasing prices of petrol and diesel, then you can get up to 50 liters of petrol and diesel for free.

With the help of credit card, you can get up to 50 liters of free petrol and diesel annually
Let us tell you that Indian Oil has tied up with HDFC Bank Credit Card. Through HDFC Bank Credit Card, you can deposit Reward Points in the form of ‘Fuel Points’ at IOCL Outlets.

Let us tell you that if you use HDFC Bank Credit Card at any Indian Oil petrol pump, then you will get 5 percent fuel points. By accumulating this, you can get free petrol up to 50 liters annually.

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Here are the special features of the card-
You get 5 percent fuel points by using this card at Indian Oil petrol pumps.
You will get maximum 50 fuel points in the first 6 months.
After completion of 6 months, you will get maximum 150 fuel points.
You will get 5 percent fuel points even on making grocery and bill payments.
If you spend Rs.150 on any other category, you will get Re.1.
You will not have to pay 1 percent fuel surcharge on fuel purchase of Rs.400.
To get the card, you have to pay joining and renewal membership fee of Rs 500.
For more details check by visiting hdfcbank.com.

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