People’s trust is Tata’s capital: Tata Sons

Ranchi. JRD Tata Lecture was organized at XLRI Jamshedpur in Jharkhand. Tata SIA (Vistara) Chairman cum Tata Sons director Bhaskar Bhat was the keynote speaker while TV Narendran, MD, Tata Steel was the chief guest. Both the XLRI Director Father S George, JRD Tata Center for Business Ethics Chairman Father Kuruvila Pandikuttu and Dean Academics Prof. Started the program by lighting the lamp jointly with Sanjay Patro last evening.

During this, while addressing the future managers of the country, Bhaskar Bhat said that the trust of customers and people is the biggest asset of Tata. This faith and trust is not built in a day. From top executives to the last rung employees of the company, they worked relentlessly with full dedication, loyalty, honesty and ethical values. 9,35,000 employees of Tata Group are working in different 100 countries and 6 continents of the world. It is because of him that Tata Group has been declared the world’s most ethical company for the seventh consecutive year. He said that Nano was not just a car for Tata but a hope for all the motorcyclists in the country. He said that considering the way continuous protests were taking place in Singur, at one time consumers felt that the Tata Nano project might not materialize. But Ratan Tata clearly said that if the promise is made Did it, proved it.

Citing the example of corporate ethics, Mr. Bhat said that there was a time when Tata Finance was going through a bad phase but due to the commitment made with the people, the amount was returned to each and every person. He said that there will be many challenges to face in professional life, but never compromise with your ethics. Bhaskar Bhat said that one cannot separate personal ethics from corporate ethics. Said that working in Tata Group has its own code of conduct which goes through various stages. He said that honesty and morality are one word for me, not two words. Answering the questions of the students, Bhaskar Bhat said on the question of low package in TCS that we do not believe in taking jobs but in retaining them. This is our morality. On the question of lawsuits being filed against Twitter and other multinational companies in India, he said that if any company is working in India, he called upon them to follow the rules of the Government of India.

Addressing the gathering at the JRD Tata Lecture, T V Narendran, MD, Tata Steel, said that XLRI has always laid emphasis on adopting ethics. So that we can give better business leaders to the country and the world. He said that it is important for the students to understand and value the importance of ethics. No company can survive without ethics. Said that in the last few years many examples have been seen in which how the companies doing unethical work got ruined.

Addressing the gathering, Father Kuruvila Pandikuttu, Chairman, JRD Tata Center for Business Ethics, said that XLRI not only produces business leaders, but the course has been specially designed to inculcate ethical values ​​in them. Under which it is mandatory for every student to take 11 courses in Business Ethics. International Ethics Conference is being planned for the coming academic year of XLRI. He participated in various competitions based on Ethics being run by Tata Steel. Also mentioned.

Bhaskar Bhat showed the ethics of Tata Group through a presentation. During this, he told that according to a research done by a Tata employee, the most trusted brand is Tata. In order, Tata, Infosys, LIC, Reliance, Airtel, SBI, HDFC Bank, Wipro, Mahindra, HCL are included.

Answering a question of the students during the programme, Bhaskar Bhat said that Tata Group maintains transparency even in donating to political parties. Donations are made through cheque. At the same time, TV Narendran, MD of Tata Steel, said that there is an electoral fund in the Tata Group. Through which donations are given to all political parties. Various companies of the Tata Group contribute to it, courtesy the Tata Trusts. Donations are given to political parties according to the seats won. He said that no one is given more and no one is given less. Said that policy and intention are important in the success and stability of business.

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