Peculiar: This Japanese boy became a dog from a human by spending eleven lakhs

Japan’s Toko made this dress, wearing it and shared her pictures on Twitter

People do anything for their hobby. Sometimes, seeing the actions of some people, it is not understood that what the person in front has done to himself by thinking. Something similar has been done by a man from Japan. This man has made himself a dog from a human by spending a lot of money.

For information, let us tell you that seeing him in the first place, it is impossible to believe that it is not really a breed of dog, but a human being. In fact, people were stunned to see the new look of a Japanese Twitter user named Toko. He says that he wanted to live the life of animals since childhood and he had a great love for dogs. So he contacted special effects workshop Zeppet Zeppet to change his look and get himself an ultra realistic dog costume. After wearing it, no human understands it.

To fulfill this strange wish, Toko paid a total of 2 million yen i.e. 11 lakh 63 thousand rupees in Indian currency as a fee and made a dog costume looking absolutely original for himself. This costume of Toko is so tremendous that after wearing it, she does not seem human from anywhere. The company says that it took them a lot of effort to make this costume, because there is a lot of difference between humans and dogs and Toko wanted them to look like dogs after wearing this costume.

Let us tell you that synthetic fur was used to make this fabric and even the smallest details were worked out closely. After a total of 40 days, this costume was ready. After this Toko wore it and shared her pictures on Twitter.

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