Pakistan: PTI MP’s nude video leaked stirred up

It is said that the video was leaked by Liaquat’s third wife Daniya Shah.

Nude video of Pakistan’s PTI MP and well-known TV host Aamir Liaquat has been stirred up after being leaked on social media. The video is said to have been leaked by Liaquat’s third wife Daniya Shah. Dania has recently filed for divorce from Liaquat. Daniya also accused Liaquat of beating, imprisoning and forcibly shooting nude videos.

At the same time, in the leaked video of Liaquat, he is seen in a nude condition as well as drugs are lying on the bed. On this, the MP says that why the court did not take any action against those leaking such videos. The Cyber ​​Crime Wing also did not take any action. Whatever Daniya has done can hurt the sacred relationship of marriage. People are making fun of me about this video. Daniya has crossed all limits and violated the privacy of marriage.

In this regard, Daniya says that she did not make this video, but someone has sent her this video and she wants Liaquat to divorce her. Daniya says that Liaquat uses drugs and alcohol and also makes adult videos.

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