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Omicron Variant: Amidst the record breaking number of people getting corona infected in America, one good thing is that in most of the cases people are showing mild symptoms. But it is a matter of concern that Omicron Case people who are suffering from diabetes or cancer or any other disease, their condition is getting serious. For example, if a diabetic person has got an Omicron infection, then very soon he is going to develop ketoacidosis. That is, the corona virus is making a complex stage of chronic disease.

problem with treatment

There is also a strange situation in front of doctors in America that they do not have any ready way to understand what type of corona virus a person is infected with. This is particularly troubling because a high-risk patient infected with the delta variant would greatly benefit from two specific monoclonal antibody treatments, whereas a patient infected with the Omicron variant does not need such treatment. Deciding what treatment to give to a patient has become a very difficult and risky decision.

record number of infections

However, the Omicron variant of the corona virus has broken all records in the US and more than one million people have been found infected here in a single day. This is the first time that such a large number of people have been found infected in a single day in any country. So far this has not happened in any disease. Just four days ago, 5.90 lakh new cases were found here. Before the outbreak of Omicron in the corona virus epidemic, India had the highest record of 4.14 lakh daily cases. It is also a matter of relief that deaths and serious cases have not increased in the same proportion.

to worry

One good thing is that in most cases, mild symptoms are coming in people. But it is a matter of concern that the condition of Omicron infected people who are suffering from diabetes or cancer or any other disease is getting serious. Apart from this, those taking booster doses are also getting infected in large numbers. According to the doctors of hospitals in New York, the number of people coming, it seems that every person has got Omicron infection. Experts say that the figure of one million people getting infected in a single day is also less because many people do their own tests at home and the number of such people is not recorded in official records.

The US government is providing home test kits to the people for free. President Joe Biden had announced to distribute 500 million such test kits for free. Due to increasing cases, many rules have also been changed in America. Strict restrictions have not been imposed in the country, but the isolation time of asymptomatic patients has been reduced to five days. Due to the increase in infections, companies have had to postpone the process of starting to call employees to office and they are preferring to work from home.

Several studies have shown Omicron to be more contagious, but less lethal. It does not make seriously ill, especially in people who have received the vaccine or booster dose. Scientists say that the wave of Omicron in America will reach the peak level by mid-January and after that the cases will start happening.

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