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Now the opposition benefits from ED!

Just like MISA happened to Kofeposa during the Emergency of 1975. Then Indira Gandhi had a misunderstanding that the CIA would bring the opposition to the ICU by creating a slander with laws like conspiracy and sedition. The same history is repeating itself. Prime Minister Indira Gandhi also enacted the COFEPOSA law of money laundering. His arbitrarily misused terrorized the opponents. By bringing back the Defense of India rule, the critics were imprisoned. Made the MISA law and put the leaders in jail. It is a fact of history that from communist Jyotirmoy Basu, Jan Sanghi Atal Bihari Vajpayee to independent-nominated MP Frank Anthony were all speaking together against these laws in the same way as 17 parties including Congress, Trinamool and AAP wrote a joint letter to the Supreme Court this week. written. Even then the Supreme Court was tarnished. Then the five-judge bench rejected the basic right of the habeas corpus meaning human or citizen of the country, the court had justified this felony of the executive that it can put anyone in jail without assigning any reason.

There is a truth of India and especially of Hindus, Hindu kings and Prime Ministers, who do not even remember the truths of history forty-fifty years ago. Seventy-five years ago countries also forget to understand the reasons for the partition. Don’t remember the Rowlatt Act of British made a hundred years ago (misa, sedition, cofeposa, intimidating people like ED, enslaved Indians, protesting and treating them like animals by crushing human dignity). Keep in mind that against the Rowlatt Act, Gandhi, Jinnah, Hindus, revolutionaries, leftists had protested unitedly. During the Emergency, Misa-Kofeposa also had a vocal opposition from the opposition parties of the country, so there was a perception in the minds of the public that Indira Gandhi may be a tough leader to build Bangladesh and discipline, but she is a tyrant. They are crushing the opponents in the name of law, so let’s see.

There was no imagination then that Indira Gandhi could ever lose. Congress can be clean. But the opposition leaders kept smoldering with the excesses of the Indira government in and out of jail, so as soon as the election came and everyone got united. What happened then is a fact of history.

Then all the 17 parties of the opposition signing a letter in the ED case is a new beginning. The Supreme Court’s decision has not only rattled a section of the people of India divided into two parts, that is, the anti-Modi-BJP psyche like the Supreme Court’s decision of Emergency, but Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his government have also filled the same air, Like Indira Gandhi’s arbitrariness was made.

That is why the organization named ED, its raids, its arrests are no longer a label of legal action, but a cofeposa to crush the opposition-opposition-criticism by the Modi government, MISA is the law, the Rowlatt Act of the British. Even if the government should put Sonia Gandhi-Rahul Gandhi in jail, put Kejriwal or Uddhav Thackeray or anyone in jail and call them thieves-corrupt from social media (there was such propaganda in emergency too), but India’s sixty or fifty five percent In the minds of the non-BJP population, leaders in jail will now be thought of in the same way as George Fernandez was thought of jailed leaders in Emergency and behind bars. Means there is excess and the opposition is being killed.

Therefore, the danger for the nation-state of India at the end of seventy-five years of independence is that on one hand the Hindu vs Muslim split has left hearts and minds poisoned, while the next two years or so from ED, sedition, IT laws and bulldozers. In ten years, people’s hearts and minds will be constantly boiling. As a result, whenever there will be an ambush on the border, the growing economy of China and the destruction and the real explosion of Hindu versus Muslim, then God will be the master of the country! With ED, the opposition will be united, there will be a common, cross-polling battle, but at the moment it does not seem to be capable nor does it seem to make a common united nation resolution of the country’s security, social harmony, common objectives. Despite this, the opposition is getting the motive from the ED, the sympathy of the people (non-BJP population is also the reality of the country) and the Narendra Modi government has become synonymous with the laws which are the stigma of India. am i wrong?

Shubham Bangwal

Shubham Bangwal is a Senior Journalist at You can follow him on Twitter @sb_0fficial
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