Now Russia is going to attack with nuclear weapons, Zelensky warns the world

New Delhi | Russia Ukraine Battle: Tuesday is the 55th day of the ongoing bloody war between Russia-Ukraine and this war continues without stopping. While innocent civilians of Ukraine are being killed in this war, Russia is also suffering heavy military losses. Meanwhile, big news has come out that Russian President Putin is now going to launch a nuclear attack on Ukraine. With this, now the Russian army has launched an airstrike on the city of Lviv in Ukraine. In this attack 7 people have died and 11 people have been injured.

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Zelensky said – now Russia is going to attack with nuclear weapons
Russia Ukraine Battle: President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky has said that Russia is going to attack Ukraine with nuclear weapons soon. He warned the world that the world should now be prepared for the possibility of Russian President Putin using nuclear weapons.

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Mariupol city completely destroyed
It is also reported that now the city of Mariupol has been completely destroyed in the Russian attack. However, the Defense Minister of Ukraine has said that the situation in Mariupol is certainly difficult, but right now here we are responding to the Russian army. Significantly, Russia’s thinking of occupying Ukraine in a few days has suffered a serious setback. Ukraine is constantly fighting the Russian army. While the Russian army is becoming more and more aggressors day by day, the Ukrainian army is also facing a tough fight. In such a situation, now the only weapon left with Russia is nuclear weapons.

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