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Now Kejriwal’s time for the manifesto of Hindu Rashtra!

Arvind Kejriwal has made the role. His harvest is ripening in the laboratory of Hindutva. Kejriwal’s claim is now being made on the harvest that Narendra Modi has harvested Hindu politics in the intellects of Gujaratis for 22 years. There is just such a lack that Kejriwal branded Hindutva in Delhi instead of Gujarat. By saying that the photo of Lakshmi-Ganesh on the rupee would bring prosperity, he challenged the economics of the Hindu Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, not weak, but dollar-strong. He described himself as a more learned Hindu economist. All this he had to do in Ahmedabad. Sharing his knowledge of Diwali worship with Lakshmi devotees of Gujarat.

Overall, Kejriwal has known the seed element of the Sangh and the BJP that it is Gujarat that feeds the Hindu mood. It was from Gandhi of Gujarat that Hindus across the country became devotees of the saint of Sabarmati. Narendra Modi became Hindu Hriday Samrat due to Gujarat’s experiments. He is in the ecstatic state of becoming the Ekeshwar deity of the devotees. So, it is not surprising that Arvind Kejriwal is also thinking about the new seed mantra of Hindu politics on the messiah tale of the experiments of Gandhi Baba, Modi Raja. After all, they too are banias. Their eyes are also deceived by the plight of the common man. That’s when the message of Gandhi’s dress and his charkha, Modi’s make-up and Kejriwal’s dress and broom with his spectacles has come to fruition, why should the poor Hindu Vaishnavas not believe in the new Hindu messiah of the new generation!

Only then I believe Kejriwal will not miss the opportunity. Shouldn’t miss it either. The question is what do they do next? May I answer? I think I should tell. Why? Because after knowing and understanding 75 years of experiences of Hindu faith from Gandhi-Nehru to Narendra Modi, some solid beliefs have been formed about my Hindu intellect. Because of him, I think that Hindus should also take experience of Kejriwal. What’s the experience? The wisdom of Hindu politics!

So why doesn’t Kejriwal blow the conch shell of Hindu Rashtra in the courtyard of Somnath temple from Gujarat 2022 elections? Let them take an oath before Gujaratis, release their manifesto and promise that I will make Gujarat the first Hindu state of the country in 2022. After this my party will fight the election of 2024 to make India a Hindu Rashtra!

Imagine if Kejriwal took such a resolution, issued the manifesto of Hindu State and Hindu Rashtra, then what kind of tide would rise among Gujaratis? What will be its result? Narendra Modi and Amit Shah’s parrots will fly away. RSS and Sangh will get that inspiration from their undeclared volunteers that even its workers and pracharaks of Banaras will want in 2024 that Kejriwal should contest from Varanasi, not Modiji.

What could be such a manifesto? What does it mean to make Gujarat the first Hindu state of India? So my suggestion to Kejriwal and his party is- First of all they declare that if their party wins, then the symbol of Gujarat state will be Somnath temple instead of lion of Ashoka pillar of Buddhist king. The state flag will be declared saffron. Not ‘Jai Jai Garvi Gujarat’, but ‘Jai Laxmi Mata’ will be the state anthem so that the blessings of Laxmiji will be showered in Gujarati. Instead of ‘Greater Flamingo’, the AAP government will declare the swan as the bird of the state. The state flower will be a lotus flower instead of a marigold. The state animal will not be Asiatic Lion, but will be declared as Gaumata. The secretariat of Gandhinagar will be painted saffron. Government employees will work in the offices wearing Ramnami’s gamchha so that corruption is not done in the attention of Ramji. The state color of Gujarat state will be declared saffron. The name of the stadium will not be Modi Stadium, but Hanuman Stadium. Every Gujarati family will get a collection of Hindu-Grands-Kathas-Aartis. Every woman will be given puja items every month. The government will distribute one cow to each family, which will remain in the collective cowshed, but the family will get its milk daily. Murari Bapu, Baba Ramdev etc. will be declared state saints. After meeting with these state saints once a week, the Chief Minister of the party and the cabinet will take a decision according to Hindu religion in consultation with them. Every trader-businessman will get those photos of Lakshmiji-Ganeshji, those idols which will be divinely attained by the life of the pundits!…etc, etc.

Should such resolutions not be taken by Hanuman devotee Arvind Kejriwal in the manifesto?

Know that if Kejriwal did such a Hinduisation of Gujarat state, then in the year 2024 in North India, his statement will automatically sound true that he alone is the real Hindu Karmayogi, the true Hanuman devotee. After all, Narendra Modi has not been able to make Gujarat a Hindu state in 22 years, then why doesn’t Kejriwal call upon the devout Hindus to give me a chance, my government will make Gujarat a Hindu state in the first cabinet meeting. If Hindus form the government at the center, the first decision will be to declare India as a Hindu Rashtra. All India law to ban cow slaughter will be made. Rules and regulations will be made to reduce the number of children born of Muslims!

Obviously such ideas are not less in Hindu politics. So Kejriwal should not miss the opportunity. Why should they miss the opportunity when the Hindus of Gujarat are listening to him. Don’t just get stuck on the demand of Lakshmi-Ganesh’s photo on currency, but also make a manifesto to become the new Hindu messiah by making a heart-touching manifesto.

Shubham Bangwal

Shubham Bangwal is a Senior Journalist at You can follow him on Twitter @sb_0fficial
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