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Now it is not possible to ‘Add India’!

Rahul Gandhi is innocent. They are stupid and pappu. That’s why they are talking nonsense about adding India. They have been under Modi rule for eight years, yet they did not understand the reality of New India and the desire of Hindus. They should understand that 75 years wasted by their ancestors and Congress which wanted to unite the country. Wanted to unite Hindus and Muslims. He wanted to remove the distinction of caste and religion. The Western idea of ​​modernity did not adopt the cow dung culture of the Kali Yuga Hindus. He made India. Not without Muslim, without secular, without character, without humanity and without knowledge and science and without modernity, thought of ‘New India’. Congress Prime Ministers like Nehru, Indira, Rajiv, Narasimha Rao, Manmohan Singh betrayed the Hindus. Gave them false mantras to connect hearts. By making the third battle of Panipat, India was not purified. On the contrary, put the tukde-tukda gang of Muslims, Pakistanis, traitors, seculars, leftists on their heads!

Yes, that’s why Hindu devotees now have the God of their hearts, Narendra Modi! The God whose chest is fifty-six inches. In which the soul of the dreaded lion has the power to enter the Ashoka pillar of India. One who is omniscient. In whose hands is that Sudarshan Chakra, from which the necks of the heretics, of the Jaichands, of those people, those minds who have been misleading the Hindus for seventy-five years. They taught the lessons of inculcating honesty, purity, character, moral values ​​in politics. Kaliyuga brought the Hindus out of the world of snakes and snakes and for this reason did not allow them to become Vishwaguru.

It is the resolve of Narendra Modi and his devotees to eradicate such people. Poisonous snakes have to be eliminated. The country has to be prepared for the third battle of Panipat. To break the morale of those traitorous Hindus who flaunt their intellect, worry about the future. Those who instead of becoming a devotee point fingers at God. Instead of fear and hunger, fearlessness and effort are the essentials of civil life. Those who do not keep worshiping the doors of Aarti, Charan Vandana and God. who are atheists. The first thing to do is to drive out such people. to be sent to Pakistan. Have to kill The langurs, the troll army, have to leave the CBI-ED-Income Tax behind them, they have to make them hunker down. Here the nation is the religion, the nation is the duty. From this, again India is the glory of the movement of sticks, razors, langurs, troll army, barns and dock media on the path of duty. There is a pride, a pride and a pride for Hindus. India will be built only, the desire of Hindus will be fulfilled only when the ax of Lord Shri Modi will destroy the heretics and opponents hidden in every corner of India. Only then will India be united. His New India will come true. In the saga of Hinduism, Narendra Modi will be the real Kalki avatar of Hinduism. Hindus will become world guru.

Think, this is the great duty path of Modiji! Transformational period of devout Hindus.

Whereas ‘Pappu’ Rahul Gandhi is talking about? By marching from Kerala to Kanyakumari, people are being told to connect India!

How foolish is Rahul Gandhi! Then understand Congressmen. Just learn from Narendra Modi and Amit Shah’s school. Correct your past mistakes. Leave the rituals. Give respect to elders, leave rules and regulations. Do bulldozer politics. Understand that democracy is a market for Hindus to buy and sell. The real miraculous recipe is to get power through defection, sabotage. Democracy is a milking cow. It is a prank to fool the citizens.

Yes, understand that if you break, you will get votes. Will get power First break, buy, kill, abuse, harass, show stick, then only Congress can be alive. The land of Bharat has to be purified first. First you have to offer Narbali. You have to abuse, troll, you have to take away your intellect. People have to be made devout devotees. Moong is to be sprinkled on the chest of the heretics. Have to drive them away. Only then will the dream of the third battle of Panipat come true. His path of duty will become his path movement.

That’s why the talk of adding leave Rahul Gandhi. Time to break, kill, destroy, buy. To break, to buy, to scare the hearts and minds of 140 crore people. Didn’t see how two days ago, actors Ranbir Kapoor-Alia Bhatt were banished from the Mahakal temple in Ujjain by calling them fake Hindus. Here is the new construction. Similarly, India’s traitor Hindus will be purified. In the last eight years, the Khans of Bollywood have broken, the Kapoors must have also broken and don’t know how many more Sudarshan Chakras are yet to run. This is the creation of New India. Nationalism is to be broken. Bulldozer is a national act. Then how are bulldozers running on film, art-literature-culture. The day-to-day calendar of dividing and breaking the divide on food and drink into real vs. fake Hindu, anti-national vs. patriot, Hindu vs. secular. Hammer on democracy. Sometimes it is a market of horse-trading and sometimes a tool to destroy laws and rituals. While breaking the integrity and character of the institutions of power, breaking and enslaved the media. In return for all this, the bulk of the devotees vote.

That is why the nationalist Hindu mantra of today and future has to be broken. So let Rahul Gandhi know that he will fail. Neither they will be able to connect the hearts of the people nor will the resolve of breaking Modi-Shah end! The future of India is decided. Rann slogans will be raised in every corner of the country, district-district for the third battle of Panipat. Rahul Gandhi should know that in the hearts and minds of the people, its script, action are all preparations.

Shubham Bangwal

Shubham Bangwal is a Senior Journalist at You can follow him on Twitter @sb_0fficial
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