Now even in America, there is no gift in marriage, the trend of giving cash is increasing!

It is clearly written in the invitation letter – give money instead of gifts

You must have seen that in our country when people go to weddings, they carry gifts or an envelope which contains the money of omen. In the wedding season, guests do not forget to take gifts for the bride and groom. Each guest gives a gift to the new couple according to their status. But when these guests realize that the bride and groom need money instead of gifts, then imagine what will happen.

Now in America too, the practice of giving omen in marriage has started. A new trend is going on in America these days, here the bride and groom do not want gifts in their wedding, they want money. Corona has created an outcry all over the world. The condition of the people has worsened since the lockdown was implemented. With their pockets empty, young Americans no longer demand gifts. Now they want money in return for gifts. In such a situation, it is clearly written on the invitation letter to these people that come to the wedding, eat food and enjoy it a lot. If you are thinking of bringing a gift, then do not bring it but take money. Behind this all these people are arguing that they want to buy their new house, for which they need money.

According to this new trend going on in America, new couples are not shy to ask for money. In this regard, a new couple says that it is better to ask for money or put forward your needs than to receive a lot of unwanted gifts. According to a statement, although it has been a custom in American culture for years to accept money as a gift, it has never been openly demanded, but now people’s attitude has changed.

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