Not only this, Jagda Babu Lalu’s special, had defeated the son contesting from BJP


Lalu Yadav’s elder son Tej Pratap is attacking RJD Bihar President Jagdanand Singh, but what is the reason that ‘Jagda Babu’ is still special for Lalu.

The Lalu family, a center of Bihar politics, is in turmoil. While Lalu Prasad Yadav’s elder son Tej Pratap is continuously targeting the state president Jagdanand Singh, on the other hand Jagdanand Singh’s stick of discipline is also going on.

After all, what is the reason that even after Tej Pratap openly speaking against Jagdanand Singh, he has become special to RJD supremo Lalu Prasad Yadav. Tejashwi Yadav is also with Jagdanand Singh. Actually Lalu knows that Tej Pratap is still new in politics, as well as his existence is still Lalu family and not Tej Pratap himself.

Who is Lalu’s ‘Jagda Babu’

Lalu Prasad Yadav calls Jagdanand Singh as Jagda Babu. When Lalu went to jail in the fodder scam, there were only two such leaders in the party who were with Lalu from the beginning on every decision. One Raghuvansh Prasad Singh and the other Jagdanand Singh. In November 2019, the command of Bihar RJD came to Jagdanand Singh. Lalu thoughtfully placed the command of the party in the hands of his beloved Jagda Babu. Tejashwi was yet to establish himself in politics and apart from Jangdanand Singh, there was no one in the party who was acceptable both inside and outside.

Jagdanand Singh has been considered the face of the leaders in the RJD. The RJD, which had been labeled the Yadav-Muslim equation, was making constant efforts to woo the frontiers, in which Jagdanand Singh was fitting in perfectly. On the other hand, RJD workers have been constantly accused of not being disciplined. Whether there was a rally of RJD, if there was a demonstration, then sabotage was fixed. Jagdanand Singh was constantly trying to change this image with his discipline, and his efforts have paid off to a great extent. Now the RJD is looking a little different from the earlier RJD.

When the son was given

Jagdanand Singh does not like Lalu like this. Jagda Babu stood by Lalu whenever he was in difficult times. Even when Lalu took the decision to make Rabri Devi the Chief Minister of Bihar, Jagda Babu remained with his decision. Jagda Babu, one of the founders of the party, won Lalu’s heart when he defeated his own son who was fighting in the protest.

In the 2010 assembly elections, when Jagdanand Singh’s son Sudhakar Singh switched to BJP and decided to contest, Jagda Babu came out in opposition to the son. The situation of protest was that Jagda Babu killed his son only after defeating him. The family kept protesting, but they did not budge.

Minister of many departments

Jagdanand Singh has been a 6-time MLA from Bihar, one-time MP and a minister in many departments. Ever since Jagdanand Singh became the RJD state president, he and Lalu’s elder son Tej Pratap remained at loggerheads. Tej Pratap has spoken against Jagdanand Singh many times from a public platform. However, till now the trust of Lalu Prasad Yadav and Tejashwi remains on him. Whenever Jagda Babu gets angry, Lalu and Tejashwi convince him.

This time the tension has increased a bit. This time Jagda Babu has given a candid reply on Tej Pratap’s allegations. He hit back at Tej Pratap and said that who is Tej Pratap, I am answerable to Lalu Prasad, I do not know why Tej Pratap is angry with me.

After the Jagdanand Singh and Tej Pratap episode, the leaders of the opposition parties also got a chance to speak. Former RJD leader and now BJP MP Ram Kripal Yadav said that senior leaders are not respected in RJD. Same happened with me.

On the other hand, former Deputy Chief Minister of Bihar and BJP MP Sushil Kumar Modi took a jibe at this episode and tweeted, “The scathing attack of the party’s elder prince on RJD’s state president Jagdanand is the result of the ongoing power struggle within the party. The elder brother is shooting his arrow at Jagdanand in frustration over getting more importance and power to his younger brother in the organisation, but the real target is someone else.”

In another tweet, Sushil Modi said- “Who will rule the organization as Aurangzeb in the internal battle of RJD and who will be made Dara Shikoh, time will tell. The health of the party is not good, so it is not able to pay attention to the issues of public interest.

Bihar Minister Nitin Naveen while targeting Lalu Prasad Yadav said that the seeds that Lalu Yadav sowed to be very ambitious are being reaped today. The fight is between two brothers for supremacy, in which senior leaders are being humiliated.

No matter how many attacks Tej Pratap kept on Jagdanand Singh, but the truth is that he has got the support of Lalu and Tejashwi and according to him, Lalu’s ‘Jagda Babu’ is handling the RJD.



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