Nohkalikai Falls – India’s own Niagara Falls

Nohkalikai Falls is the tallest plunge waterfall in India. Its height is 1115 feet (340 meters). The waterfall is located near Cherrapunji, one of the wettest places on Earth.

Nohkalikai Falls are fed by the rainwater collected on the summit of a comparatively small plateau and decrease in power during the dry season in December – February. Below the falls there has formed a plunge pool with unusual green colored water.

Story Behind The Name

The name Nohkalikai is derived from a tragic Khasi legend. Almost every beautiful or interesting place in North-East seems to have originated from a sad story. This is no different.  A woman named Ka Likai remarried a man but her second husband became jealous for treating her daughter with so much love; perhaps more than him. One day while she was away at work her husband cooked the girl and served it to her. After she had eaten it, she was to go looking for her baby girl. Much to her dismay, she found her daughter’s finger in a betel nut basket. Greatly saddened by this, she leaped off the fall and the fall came to be known as ‘Nohkalikai’ which is literally translated as, ‘jump of Ka Likai.’

Nohkalikai Falls is one of the most beautiful and photogenic falls. At 335 meters it is the highest plunge waterfall in India and the 4th highest in the World.

The water plunges 335 meters downwards and has carved out a waterhole. Strangely, the waterhole is as blue as the sky in winter and green in summer.

So visit India’s own Niagara Falls.

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