Pranav Das: Changing the Face of India’s Travel Blogging Industry

Today, blogging has emerged as a full-fledged career option. But there was a time when no one would have ever thought of something like this. The blogging industry is divided into several niches and has given us many precious bloggers. One of them is Pranav Das.

If you avidly follow travel blogging channels chances are you are already familiar with the name. He is currently, one of the best travel bloggers in the country. The story of this 32-year-old blogger is inspiring to thousands of budding bloggers and travel enthusiasts.

Pranav Das inspires us to stand out and break free from the set rules of society. He opted out of his MBA course to explore the world and inspire people with his amazing travel diaries.

Small Town Boy Making It Big All by Himself

Pranav Das comes from a small town named Cuttack in Odisha. He is a 32-year-old single lad who has dedicated his whole life to traveling. He completed his graduation in Computer Science and even enrolled himself in an MBA course. But he was soon distracted by his passion for traveling for which he dropped out of his MBA course.

He started his travel blog site, the same year he left his MNC job in Kolkata which was in 2015. The name of his travel blog is Voyage Nomad. To date, he has traveled to many exotic locations in India and Asia. You will find the details of his travels on his blog site.

As an Indian travel blogger, Pranav Das is quite active on social media. You can spot him on all the major social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Although he posts regular updates on all his social media handles, his Instagram account @voyagenomad needs a special mention. Looking at his Instagram account, anyone can figure out the immense love he has for traveling. His entire Instagram account is filled with lovely, colorful pictures of exotic locations. All the pictures are clicked by himself. Besides traveling, he also has a knack for nature photography.

Inspiring Thousands of People with His Journey

The story of Pranav Das is a unique one. Despite coming from a middle-class Indian family, he challenged the norms of society. He refused to become a 9-5 slave and lead a monotonous life. Instead, he chose to follow his passion for traveling and establish his entire career out of it.

Unlike millions of others, Pranav gets to lead the life of his dreams and gets paid for doing what he loves the most. He achieved all of this by himself. He made it possible because he dared to dream. His journey from being an MBA dropout to the best travel blogger in the country is inspiring on many levels.

Although he started his career like the rest of us, he broke free from the shackles and picked himself from the rut. Today, he is not only a successful Indian Travel Blogger but also owns a digital marketing agency.

He Believes in Sustainable Traveling & Wildlife Conservation

You will come across many travel bloggers in the country. But Pranav is different from all of them. He is someone who believes in sustainable traveling, instead of luxury travel blogging.

If you visit his travel blog site, you will see the list of places he has visited so far. His site is full of valuable travel information backed by stunning images of all the places he has visited.

He is also interested in wildlife conservation. Now that he has reached a certain position in his career, he wants to help the wildlife conservation sector as well. As we all know wildlife worldwide is in danger. Excessive hunting and poaching have pushed many of the species on the verge of extinction. Pranav understands the importance of wildlife and wants to help conserve it. After all, a big part of entertainment in traveling comes from the wildlife sector. But if the wildlife is wiped out, how will one enjoy it?

It’s been over 5 years since Pranav Das has been traveling and exploring Asia, but he is far from getting over it. He draws inspiration from other travel bloggers and dreams to become more successful in life. With his dedication and passion for traveling, it doesn’t seem to be an impossible task. He has got the spark and an urge to work hard to reach greater heights in the future. He is a living example for people, especially the young boys and girls who are scared of leaving their stagnant job life and do something out-of-the-box.


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