Nitish will make record of taking oath

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar already has many records in his name. Now they can set a new record. That record will be the record for taking oath the most times. From the minister in the central government to the chief minister in Bihar, he has taken oath so many times that probably no one else will be equal to him. There are many leaders who have been chief ministers for longer than him. From Jyoti Basu in West Bengal to Naveen Patnaik in Odisha and Pawan Chamling in Sikkim one can be named. But no one has taken oath as many times as Nitish has.

He took oath twice in the last two assemblies and this time also he may take oath for the second time. This unique record will also be in his name. In total, Nitish Kumar has taken oath as the Chief Minister seven times so far. He was first sworn in as the Chief Minister in 2000, but was unable to garner majority, and had to resign after seven days. This was followed by two elections in 2005, in which no government was formed for the first time and the second time the JDU-BJP alliance got a majority at the end of the year, after which took oath for the second time and ran the government for five years.

In the next election i.e. in the 2010 election, Nitish Kumar’s party got a thumping majority. JD(U) and BJP got 207 seats out of 243 and JDU alone got 116 seats. Then Nitish took oath for the third time. Three years later, he broke ties with the BJP and contested the 2014 elections alone. In that his party got only two seats. So, taking the responsibility of the defeat, he left the post of CM and Jitan Ram Manjhi became the Chief Minister. But after a few days, Nitish took oath for the fourth time by replacing Manjhi and contested the 2015 elections together with RJD-Congress. After winning it, Nitish took the oath of CM for the fifth time.

Nitish Kumar resigned in 2017 and returned to NDA after breaking the alliance with RJD. Then he took the oath of Chief Minister for the sixth defeat. He took oath for the seventh time after the 2020 assembly elections. Now again in the new alliance, he can take oath for the eighth time. Adding his oaths as Chief Minister as well as Union Minister, the figure will be huge as Nitish Kumar has been taking oath as a minister at the Center since Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s government in 1998 and became Chief Minister in 2005. Before that he took oath several times. Resigned after the accident while railway minister and then later joined the government. As a Union minister, he took oath at least four times and was a minister in the ministries of road transport to agriculture and railways.

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