Nexon EV fire: Ola CEO Bhavish Agarwal doesn’t ‘care about your life’? Said ‘EV will catch fire’


Bhavish Agrawal


  • Bhavish Agarwal has made an irresponsible statement defending the Tata Nexon fire
  • Aggarwal said EVs will catch fire, this happens in all global products as well.
  • In April, Ola Electric recalled 1,441 units after the fire.

After the fire in Tata Motors’ electric car Nexon EV, questions about the safety of electric vehicles have started rising once again. Earlier, there were many incidents of fire in electric scooters, but this is the first incident involving an electric car. Ola Scooters CEO Bhavish Agarwal, who has faced criticism after the fire in his electric scooter Ola s1, has made an irresponsible statement defending the Tata Nexon fire.

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Bhavish Aggarwal shared a clip of Tata Nexon EV on Twitter saying

“Electric vehicle (EV) fires are a global phenomenon and also occur in vehicles manufactured by international companies. EVs will catch fire. All global products also have fires. EV fires are compared to ICE fires or petrol engine fires. I have very little.”

Aggarwal’s comment increased the concern of the customers

Bhavish Aggarwal’s comment raised concern amongst the users of electric vehicles. On Twitter, a user has said on Aggarwal’s statement that the way some flaws have come to the fore, they are a threat to the lives of common people. The safety team of electric vehicle companies should have resolved these as soon as possible.

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A user has taken a dig at Bhavish Aggarwal for telling the incident of fire so easily. The user has written that if the EV catches on fire, will the company’s R&D team just keep sitting on its hands. The Tesla EV has a fire ratio of 1:100. Can we expect Ola cars to catch fire?

Tata Nexon EV burnt down in Mumbai

Tata Motors’ Nexon EV caught fire in Mumbai on Thursday. This is the first such case related to electric car in India. On the incident of fire, Tata Motors has said that it is investigating the incident. This incident of fire in Nexon took place late on Wednesday night in Mumbai’s Vasai West (near Panchavati Hotel). Here the local police got information about a fire in an EV car. After which an attempt was made to control the fire immediately. The video of the fire in the Tata Nexon, the most famous car in the field of electric vehicles in the country, is going viral on social media.

Will the government take strict steps

Recently, there have been several incidents of electric vehicles catching on fire in different parts of the country, following which the Central Consumer Protection Authority (CCPA), under the Union Ministry of Consumer Affairs, issued a notice to Ola Electric.

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Hailstone Made 1,441 Scooters recall

In April, Ola Electric recalled 1,441 units of its electric two-wheelers. The company said its battery systems are already compliant and tested to AIS 156 – the latest proposed standard for India apart from being compliant with European standard ECE 136.

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