Naxalites rewarded with six lakhs surrender before the police

Nagpur. Gadchiroli Superintendent of Police Ankit Goyal said here that two hardcore Maoists, including a woman from Chhattisgarh, surrendered before the security forces on Wednesday. The names of the two Maoists are 26-year-old Anil alias Ramsay Jagdev Kujur from Maharashtra and Roshni alias Irape Narango Paolo, 30, a resident of Chhattisgarh. Goyal said that Anil had a reward of Rs 4 lakh, joined a Kasansur group in December 2009 and then worked with several other Maoist organizations working as militia for the last 10 years.

He was wanted for several major crimes including the 2011 Khobramendha encounter and Gyarapatti Road Ambush and Chhota Jelia firing cases in which a CRPF jawan was martyred. And 10 were injured. Roshni, a woman from the state of Chhattisgarh, had a reward of two lakh rupees. Jetpur rebelled with the Maoist group in 2009, then worked in several other organizations before being promoted to militia in 2018. Upon surrendering, the Anil-Roshni duo cited various reasons, including exploitation at the hands of senior Maoists, their selfish working style, lack of privacy or independence for married Maoist couples, enhanced operations by security personnel. Huh.

He also mentioned how senior Maoists, ordering fundraising for their personal gains, lack of medical attention and nomadic life, ordered the killing of tribals or villagers on suspicion of being merely ‘informers’, women Maoists. Lack of security for, who were forced to marry their superiors. During encounters, women were made scapegoats or left to be killed. Goyal said that after the surrender, both the central and state governments will be entitled to Rs 5,00,000 for rehabilitation and will also be able to avail other facilities. Since 2019, 51 dreaded Maoists have surrendered to the security forces and entered the social mainstream and Goyal appealed to all other insurgents to give up violence and lay down their arms. (IANS)

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