Mr.Pareek next big loan service provider ‘Loan In Touch’ to come with its mobile app soon in india

Loan In Touch is a result of Sumeet’s high-end experience in the State Bank of India as a Home Loan Counsellor. With humble beginnings, the financial service company saw the light as it got established in Aurangabad in 2015 with a small team of people. The company eventually expanded its business in regions like Puna and Jalna in Maharashtra. Sumeet’s terrific knowledge about the financial market helped him in building a strong portfolio of families who needed loans. Providing the right kind of services with the right kind of marketing strategies saw Loan In Touch soar high in the market, and the company is unarguably helping its customers in providing loans within 72 hours.

Over the last few years, the financial service company is bridging the gap between customers and banks without any hindrance. While the loan sanctioning process has been happening on the company’s official website, Loan In Touch is now all set to launch its mobile app on android and iOS devices. Always focusing on quality over quantity, Sumeet Pareek has made the entire process of granting loans easy. Till date, the financial service company has helped more than 2500 customers in providing loans across the three regions Maharashtra.

Well, Loan In Touch will soon make its mobile app live for the audience and it will surely make the loan process handy for the customers. Speaking about the same, the founder says, “We want to make the process simplified at our customer’s fingertips. As we launch the mobile app soon, our clients will get a variety of services by registering on it. All in all, I would say that the customers will have a customised experience in getting their loans approved in less than three days.”

There is a fine line between creating a strategic plan and executing those strategies to life. In layman’s words, ideas have always been easy, but implementation is quite tough. This goes apt for any business or startup that aims to flourish in the long run. Working towards creating a customer-centric organisation, entrepreneur Sumeet Pareek has rightly built a successful enterprise named Loan In Touch. The financial service company has been instrumental in providing different kinds of loans like home loans, auto loans and education loans to customers.

Furthermore, Sumeet Pareek while giving a piece of advice to all the entrepreneurs stated the need for upgrading to the digital change. “Everything is getting transformed over the digital domain. The only way for any business to perform exceptionally well is to include digital means in its day-to-day operations”, he added. This idea of bringing Loan In Touch’s mobile app into existence will not just make customer’s lives easy, but will also turn out to be a beneficial move for the company.

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