Minister Ajay Mishra, who came into the limelight in the Lakhimpur Kheri case, was attacked in the court itself in the murder case.

In 2012, amidst a good wave of SP, Ajay Mishra waved the BJP flag in Nighasan seat. Seeing his popularity, the party made him a candidate from Kheri Lok Sabha seat in 2014.

The name of Union Minister of State for Home Ajay Mishra is in the news in the violence that took place in Lakhimpur Kheri, Uttar Pradesh. It is alleged that four farmers have died due to the collision of the car of the minister’s son Ashish Mishra. Opposition parties are demanding the resignation of Ajay Mishra. By the way, Ajay Mishra, a minister in the Modi government, is an MP from Kheri and is known as ‘Teni Maharaj’ in the surrounding areas.

Wrestling hobby: Ajay Mishra, who is fond of wrestling, organizes wrestling every year in his village Banbirpur. UP Deputy CM Keshav Prasad Maurya was also scheduled to attend this year’s event. Which the farmers were opposing and the matter reached to violence. Please tell that Ajay Mishra used to practice law before joining politics. In 2009, he entered politics for the first time and contested the Zilla Panchayat elections and also won.

The victory also registered in the SP wave: Ajay Mishra, who is said to have a domineering image, won the Nighasan seat of Lakhimpur Kheri on a BJP ticket even after the SP wave in 2012. Seeing his popularity, the BJP, expressing confidence, made him a candidate from Kheri Lok Sabha seat in 2014. In which he won. In 2019 too, Ajay again reached the Lok Sabha from this seat. Ajay Mishra, a one-time MLA and two-time BJP MP, was made the Union Minister of State for Home in the Modi cabinet expansion in July this year.

When the deadly attack happened in the court: With his entry into politics, Ajay Mishra has also been nominated in many serious cases. A case was also registered against him in Tikunia under sections 147, 323, 504 and 324. Ajay Mishra, named in a murder case of Tikunia, was attacked in the court itself during the hearing, but he narrowly escaped. He was later acquitted by the court in this case as well.

MLA wanted to make son: After winning the Lok Sabha seat from Kheri in 2014, Ajay Mishra wanted the BJP to field his son Ashish Mishra alias Monu for his Nighasan seat in 2017. But the party was disappointed. In such a situation, there were hopes for the 2022 UP assembly elections, but after the names of Ajay Mishra and Ashish in the violence in Lakhimpur Kheri, now the political career is at stake.

family background: Ajay’s family is mainly from Kanpur, who came to Lakhimpur Kheri in 1990. Ajay Mishra’s father Ambika Prasad Mishra was a farmer. He passed away 18 years ago. Ajay Mishra is second among four brothers. Ajay Mishra has two sons, one of whom Abhimanyu Mishra is a doctor by profession, and runs his own private practice. On the other hand, Ashish Mishra aka Monu, is in politics.


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