Millions of WiFi routers of these companies are under threat

Wifi Router Security: A new report has revealed that millions of WiFi routers of different brands could be at risk after around 226 security flaws were found. This information has been given by a team of security researchers to IoT Inspector and Chip Magazine. These newly researched security vulnerabilities affect many WiFi routers from big brands including Netgear, Asus, Synology, D-Link, AVM, TP-Link and Edimax.

IoT Inspector CTO Florian Lukowski said, “Small business and home routers failed during the investigation. Not all bugs are dangerous. During the test, all routers showed critical security bugs that could make the job of hackers easier.” According to the report, the main reason for this is also expected to be a lack of new components, due to which it becomes easy for hackers to disturb the service of these routers.

What else was mentioned in the report

The report also pointed out that vendors were using simple default passwords on the router which made it easy for them to guess. Some users have been known to use routers with their default credentials, making them easy targets for hackers. It has also been told in the report that most of these companies use very simple passwords. For example, passwords like ‘admin’ and ‘1234’ are so common and easy that hackers can easily guess them. Not only this, it has also been seen that companies use these passwords, as well as users also use this password.

As soon as the router vulnerabilities were reported to the companies, all the vendors responded quickly by issuing a fix for the affected models. These include Asus, D-Link, Edimax, Linksys, Netgear, Synology and TP-Link. Users should update the firmware of their WiFi router as soon as possible to apply the new update and avoid any possible attack.

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