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Logan Paul’s Lavish Investment in Dillon Danis’ KO Cake

Logan Paul's Lavish Gesture: A Pricey Surprise for Dillon Danis

Dillon Danis has been relentless in his social media taunts directed at Logan Paul. Even the renowned YouTuber acknowledged the rivalry. With the press conference for the KSI vs. Tommy Fury fight on the horizon, Logan was poised to respond in kind. He had two distinct strategies up his sleeve. The first involved hiring the same bodyguard responsible for making Dillon Danis submit once before. However, it was his most extravagant move that truly stole the show—an unexpected surprise that raised eyebrows: a colossal cake depicting one of Dillon Danis’ most ignominious moments as a fighter, the moment he was knocked out cold during a cage match. The question on everyone’s mind: What was the price tag for Logan Paul’s audacious cake?

How much did Logan Paul pay for Dillon Danis’ cake?

While most cakes for ordinary people’s weddings might not exceed $500 or, at the very highest, $2,000, it’s evident that a celebrity boxer like Logan Paul would spare no expense for such a grand cake. During a recent episode of ‘Impaulsive,’ featuring guest Erling Haaland, Logan Paul revealed the staggering cost of the cake. Once you discover the amount he paid, you’ll understand just how resolute he was in defending his fiancée’s honor. Supermodel Nina Agdal recently became engaged to Logan Paul, and Dillon Danis has made it his mission to demean her as much as possible in the lead-up to their October 14th bout.

Here’s Logan Paul’s own account: “I commissioned a cake featuring Dillon Danis’s likeness and used it to reenact his embarrassing knockout—it cost me $7,000. Just like he is with his trash talk, he got ‘knocked out’ in cake form. I can’t wait for the face-to-face encounter because, when Dillon showed up for it, he was visibly shaken. He locked himself in his room for 30 minutes, arrived late, and tried to evade us. We went live and pressured him into coming down; he was nervously sweating. I did a whole bit, and I believe it’s going to be released during fight week. I can now see why he’s only a warrior on Twitter; he’s not up for it in real life. He’s just a complaining, fake liar—the issue is, he’s very vocal.”

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