Know what is this WhatsApp group connection of the Indian badminton team that won the Thomas Cup!

The Indian men’s badminton team has won the Thomas Cup. The team, which won the title by defeating Indonesia 3-0, is being praised from every corner of the country. From Prime Minister Narendra Modi to common sports fans are also happy with the performance of the Indian team. Kitambi Srikanth also played a major role in the good performance of the Indian team. After winning the trophy, Srikanth has shared a very interesting thing with the media.

Srikkanth has told that he already had confidence in his team. The need was that our team members keep on supporting each other while maintaining their performance continuously. To communicate this enthusiasm among the team members, we had created a WhatsApp group a week before the competition. This WhatsApp group was named ‘We Will Bring It Home.’ This group included all the players of the team.

Srikkanth said that if we had discussed earlier about the ‘We Will Bring It Home’ WhatsApp group created by him, people would have become a laughing stock. But through this group, we players also got a lot of help in maintaining solidarity. Srikanth said that winning the title is not the result of a single player’s good performance but the collective effort of all the 10 players.

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