US Racial Attack: Buffalo attacker wanted to kill as many blacks as possible…

New Delhi | US Racial Attack: Apartheid has been a big problem for America and there is always pressure on the government for this. In such a situation, once again the violence in Buffalo, America has made headlines all over the world. It is being told that the 18-year-old white assailant, who shot and killed 10 people in the supermarket, had already taken information about the local people after doing a lot of research. It has also come to the fore in the police investigation that the attacker had reached there a day before to conduct a recce of the area with the aim of killing as many black people as possible.
Let us tell you that this attack inspired by racial hatred comes after the police took the attacker to the hospital for threatening to shoot at the school a year ago.

Negligence was taken at this time….

US Racial Attack: Police said that charges were not framed against the attacker at that time and he was discharged from the hospital within a day and a half. However, this raises questions as to where he got the weapon and whether law enforcement officers could keep a close eye on him. Buffalo Police Commissioner Joseph Gramaglia said the attacker Patton Gendron had no contact with law enforcement officers after leaving the hospital. Due to this attack, people are bereaved and angry in the area with predominantly black population around Tops Friendly Market.

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Hate has to end…

US Racial Attack: We have to work together to combat hatred, President Joe Biden said at the National Peace Officers Memorial on the Capitol complex. A stain remains on America’s soul. The White House later announced that President and First Lady Jill Biden would travel to Buffalo on Tuesday to offer condolences to the community. The Buffalo attack is the largest of several shootings in the country in recent days.

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