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Karan Mehra accuses ex-wife Nisha Rawal of extra-marital affair!

Karan Mehra further said that “I have been engaged in gathering evidence against Nisha Rawal for the last 14 months. Under which I have made a file of about 1400 pages as evidence, which I have presented in the court through my lawyer.” . Karan said, “Everyone thinks he is a man, then it will be wrong, but if I don’t tell the truth then I will always be misunderstood. I am getting constant threats to kill me and my entire family from Nisha and Rohit Satia. I am telling you this truth so that if something happens to me tomorrow, you should know the truth”. Let us tell you, Nisha and Karan were married on 24 November 2012. Both of them also have a son.

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Sahil Kothari

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