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Karan Aujla is an Indian singer, songwriter, and rapper renowned for his contributions to Punjabi music. He is recognized for songs like “Don’t Look,” “Chita Kurta,” “Kya Baat Aa,” “Chithiyan,” and “Mexico.” As a prominent artist, his fourteen singles have been featured on the UK Asian Chart by an official chart company.

Presenting the biography of an artist you are well-acquainted with, who holds a special place in our hearts – Karan Aujla. Today, we are going to delve into the details of Karan Aujla’s life. So, let’s get started. Make sure to read this post till the end.

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Personal Life:-

Full Name:- Karan Aujla
Real Name:- Jaskaran Singh
Nickname:- Karan Aujla
Profession:- Singer, Rapper, Lyricist
Date of birth:- 18 Jan 1997
Birthplace:- Village Ghurala Ludhiana punjab
Hometown:- Foreign Canada
Nationality:- Indian
Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Caste:- Jatt Sikh
Religion:- Sikhim
Marital Status:- Married
Wife:- Palak Aujla
School:- Guru Hargovind Singh School
Father:- Late. Balwinder singh aujla
Mother:- Late. Rajinder Kaur Aujla

Karan Aujla kickstarted his career by writing a song for Jassie Gill’s “Range” from his album “Replay.” He then resided in Canada and penned songs for various artists, including Deep Jandu and Elly Mangat. In 2016, he released his debut track “Punjab di Property” as the main artist and started featuring as a guest artist in songs.

He gained attention with tracks like “Yarrian Ch Fikk,” “Alcohol 2,” and “Lafafe.” Later in 2018, his popularity surged with the mainstream hit “Don’t Worry,” which entered the UK Asian Chart. This marked his first breakthrough song.

Physical Status & More:-

Height ( Approx ):- in centimeters- 175 cm
in centimeters- 1.75 m
in feet inches- 5’9”
Body Measurement ( Approx ):- Chest 32 inches
Biceps 15 inches
waist 32 inches
Weight (Approx ):- in kilograms- 83 kg
in pounds- 187 Ibs
Hair Colour:- Black
Eye Colour:- Dark Brown


on the right arm ( inked his father’s photo )
Inked Father Photo
on the chest mother photo
MotherName:- Rajinder Kaur
on the left arm parents quote
Karan Aujla Bio

Karan Aujla All Songs :-

Year Song Singer/lyrics
2014 Cell Phone Karan Aujla
2016 Property Of Punjab Karan Aujla
2016 Soch Karan Aujla
2016 Weed Karan Aujla
2017 Dark Circle Karan Aujla
2017 Shit Talk Karan Aujla
2017 Yarrian Ch Fikk Karan Aujla
2018 Gun Shoot Karan Aujla
2018 Unity Karan Aujla
2018 Na Na Na Karan Aujla
2018 Don’t Worry Karan Aujla
2018 Rim Vs Jhanjhar Karan Aujla
2019 No Need Karan Aujla
2019 Don’t Look Karan Aujla
2019 Hair Karan Aujla
2019 Fact Karan Aujla
2019 Hisab Karan Aujla
2019 Koi Chakar Ni Karan Aujla
2019 Sikander Karan Aujla
2019 2 AM Karan Aujla
2019 Ink Karan Aujla
2019 Hint Karan Aujla
2019 Chita Kurta Karan Aujla
2020 It’s Oky God Karan Aujla
2020 Pray Karan Aujla
2020 Koka Vs Coca Karan Aujla
2020 Jhanjhar Karan Aujla
2020 Red Eyes Karan Aujla
2020 sheikh Karan Aujla
2020 “Let em Play” Karan Aujla
2020 So Far Karan Aujla
2020 “Ha Haige aa Karan Aujla
2020 “Kya Baat aa” Karan Aujla
2020 “Adhiyan” Karan Aujla
2020 Chithiyan Karan Aujla
2020 Hukum Karan Aujla
2021 Maxico Karan Aujla

Karan Aujla All Audio Song :-

Karan Aujla has gained popularity with numerous hit Punjabi songs. Some of his popular songs include:

Year Song Singer/lyrics Music
2017:- Golgappe Vs Daaru Karan Aujla Intense
2018:- 6 Bandeh Karan Aujla Harj Nagra
2018:- Weak Point Karan Aujla Deep Jandu
2019 Manja Karan Aujla Deep Jandu
2019 Mafia Karan Aujla Deep Jandu
2019 Yarrian Ch Medal Karan Aujla Deep Jandu
2019 President Karan Aujla Deep Jandu
2019 Deal Karan Aujla Manna Music

These are just a few examples of his well-known tracks, as Karan Aujla has contributed to a wide range of successful Punjabi songs throughout his career.

Featured Artist By Karan Aujla Rap :-

Year Song Singer/Lyrics Music
2017 Black Money Karan Aujla ft.banka Deep Jandu
2017 Daku Karan Aujla ft.Elly Mangat Deep Jandu
2017 Alcohal Karan Aujla ft.Paul G Deep Jandu
2017 Snitch Karan Aujla ft.Elly Mangat Deep Jandu
2017 Gunda Touch Karan Aujla ft.Elly Mangat Harj Nagra
2018 Cratch Karan Aujla ft.Gursewak Dhillon Deep Jandu
2018 Alcohal 2 Karan Aujla ft.Paul G Harj Nagra
2018 Lafafe Karan Aujla ft.Sanam Bhullar Mista Baaz
2018 By God Karan Aujla ft. Jay Randhawa Mix Singh
2018 True Talk Karan Aujla ft. Jassie Gill Sukhe
2018 Squad Goals Karan Aujla ft. ATG Gucci Atg Beats
2018 Enough Karan Aujla ft. Gulab Sidhu Dev Next level
2018 Yaar Graribaaz Karan Aujla ft. Dilpreet Dhillon Desi Crew
2018 Maybach Karan Aujla ft. J Swag Dope Peppz
2018 Tension Karan Aujla ft. Nijjar Deep Jandu
2019 PCR Karan Aujla ft. Gurjas Sidhu Turban Beats
2019 Snake Karan Aujla ft. Deep Jandu Deep Jandu
2019 Expensive Karan Aujla ft. Binni Ranu Young Star Boy
2019 Supply Karan Aujla ft. Gurjas Sidhu Deep Jandu
2019 Gunday Hai Hum Karan Aujla ft. Dilpreet Dhillon Deep Jandu
2019 Doctor Karan Aujla ft.Penny Deep Jandu
2019 Burn Out Karan Aujla ft. Dj Flow DJ Flow
2019 Tibbeyan Ala Jatt Karan Aujla ft. Harf Cheema Deep Jandu
2019 My Name Karan Aujla ft. Deep Jandu Deep Jandu
2019 Vair Karan Aujla ft. Yaad Deep Jandu
2019 Yaar Yaar Karan Aujla ft. Deep Jandu Manna Music
2019 Demand Karan Aujla ft. Kewal Bhullar Deep Jandu
2019 Aukaat Karan Aujla ft. Jassie Gill Desi Crew
2019 Don’t Tell Me Karan Aujla ft. Dilpreet Dhillon Desi Crew
2019 12 AM TO 12 PM Karan Aujla ft.Bhaini Khan Syscostyle
2019 Little Bit Karan Aujla ft. Jass Bajwa Deep Jandu
2019 Red Light Karan Aujla ft. Gurlez Akhtar Deep Jandu
2019 No Dinero Karan Aujla ft. G Ranjha Deep Jandu
2019 Kaim Life Karan Aujla ft. JP Randhawa Deep Jandu
2019 My Car Karan Aujla ft. Deep Jandu Deep Jandu
2019 Scene Karan Aujla ft. Deep J
Jay Track
Jay Track
2019 Love Hate Karan Aujla ft. Raj Dhillon Deep Jandu
2020 Mind Games Karan Aujla ft. Vicky Proof
2020 Madam Ji Karan Aujla ft. Tushar The Boss
2020 Nanak Niva Jo
Karan Aujla ft. Bobby Sandhu MXRCI
2020 Baar Baar Karan Aujla ft. Navjot Proof
2020 Graribaaz Karan Aujla ft. Navjeet Kahlon Deep Jandu
2020 Thaa Karke Karan Aujla ft. B Mohit D Soldierz
2020 Ask Em Karan Aujla ft. Gippy Grewal Proof
2020 Math Karan Aujla ft. Daljeet Chachal Desi Grew
2020 Don’t Like Karan Aujla ft. Goldy Desi Crew
2020 Ak Din Karan Aujla ft. Bohemia The Game Shaxeoriah
2021 Guilty Karan Aujla ft. Inder Chahal Proof
2021 Jatt Te Jawani Karan Aujla ft. Dilpreet Dhillon Desi Crew
2021 Few Days Karan Aujla ft. Amantej Hundal Deep Jandu

Facts About Karan Aujla :-

  1. Does Karan Aujla drink alcohol?: Yes
  2. Karan Aujla began his career collaborating with popular singers like Deep Jandu and Elly Mangat.
  3. He has sung hit Punjabi songs such as “Don’t Worry,” “Chita Kurta,” “Chithiyan,” “Don’t Look,” and more.


  4. In addition to singing, Karan has also written several Punjabi songs, including “Blessing Of Bapu,” “90 Di Bandook,” “True Talk,” “Alcohol 2,” “Scotch,” and more.
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