Japanese company sent private mission to the moon with its ‘lander’ and UAE’s ‘rover’

Cape Canaveral. A Japanese company has sent a private mission to the Moon with its ‘lander’ and the ‘rover’ of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) through the rocket of the American space company ‘SpaceX’. SpaceX gave information about this on Twitter.

It is the UAE’s first rover for the Moon. Under this mission, it will take about five months for the ‘lander’ to reach the moon. ‘Lander’ and ‘Rover’ have been sent to the Moon under ‘Hakuto-R Mission 1’ of Japan’s company iSpace.

In a video shared by SpaceX on Twitter, the lander is seen leaving. So far only ‘landers’ from Russia, the US and China have been able to make so-called “soft landings” on the Moon. For the first time in the year 1966, the ‘Luna 9’ lander of the former Soviet Union was able to land safely on the surface of the moon.

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