Japan can target any part of China-North Korea in preparations to deploy Tomahawks missile

Tokyo. Japan will increase its defense budget by 20 percent to a record $55 billion next year as it prepares to deploy US-made Tomahawks and other long-range missiles. Under the country’s highly aggressive security strategy, these missiles can target any part of China and North Korea.

Prime Minister Fumio Kishida’s cabinet approved a $160 million purchase of Tomahawks missiles, a key part of Japan’s 2023 budget. This shows the government’s commitment to quickly arm Japan with more firepower under the new strategy.

In addition, Japan will pay an additional $830 million in the coming year for equipment, software, technology transfer and training of personnel used to fire the Tomahawks missiles, defense officials said. Japan’s defense budget for the year 2022 is $47.2 billion.

Sahil Kothari

Sahil Kothari is a Senior Journalist at Follow him on twitter @sahilkothari21
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