Information revealed about the missing Australian actress in America, fear of being in jail

The actress who went on an online date created a ruckus, according to friends and family, the attitude of the Los Angeles Police in the matter was very insensitive

After an online date was fixed last week, the news of famous film actress Laura missing from a Seven Star restaurant has come to the fore. Due to this news, millions of his fans including his family members also breathed a sigh of relief. The 37-year-old beautiful Australian actress Laura’s missing report was filed in the US city of Los Angeles. After which his friends informed the family members of the actress.

Let us tell you that the talk of this beautiful Australian actress being in jail has come to the fore. Laura’s friends reported her missing on August 12. The actress told her friends that she had to go on a date at a restaurant in Santa Monica with the person she met online. But when she did not return even after several hours, her friends started a campaign on social media to find her. In which an appeal was made to give any kind of information about Laura, giving necessary information along with her photo. In this case, according to Laura’s friends and family, the attitude of the Los Angeles Police in the matter was very insensitive. The police neither investigated the case properly nor gathered any information about it. Seeing all this, the family took the help of a private detective for this work. Fund raising campaign started for Detective’s fee. After this incident, the cousin of the actress told on social media that Laura’s location has been found. However, Laura’s brother also said that he is unable to confirm what condition he is in. He wrote, ‘Thank you all. Let me know if you need any help. There is not much detail at the moment but hopefully she will be with us soon.

Talking about the whole incident, the actress who went on a date for the first time in her life went out of her way. After which he was presented in the court near to register a case in many sections like disturbing the peace and misbehavior. Along with this, the actress was also accused of creating ruckus, throwing a drink and biting an officer. He was sent to jail after the case in court. After this, the court asked to fill a bond of 25 thousand US dollars for bail. Let us tell you that Laura has worked in successful films like ‘The Nutcracker’ in 2009 and ‘The Black Sheep’ in 2010.

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