Inflation in States: These are the 5 most expensive and cheapest states of the country, the government presented the report card of states like UP, Maharashtra, Bengal


Inflation in States


  • Inflation data for the month of April broke the record of last 8 years
  • The prices of food and drink caused the most trouble on the common man
  • Inflation rate higher than the national average in states like West Bengal, MP and UP

Inflation has become an absolute reality in the country for the time being. Every day the prices of essential commodities are now shockingly low to the common man, but more desperate. The inflation data for the month of April, which came on Thursday evening, broke the record of the last 8 years. The prices of food items have given the maximum damage to the common man, while the prices of clothes from rags to shoes have increased the most.

In this report of the government, it has also been told that in which state of the country is the worst hit by inflation. At the same time, there are some states where the rate of inflation is much lower than the national average. According to the data released on Thursday, the inflation rate in the country is 7.79 percent. In April last year, retail inflation stood at 4.23 per cent. If we look at the data, then the rate of inflation in states like West Bengal, MP and UP is more than the national average. On the other hand, people in Uttarakhand, Himachal and Delhi have been hit by inflation a little less than other states.

Understand where is your state in statistics

Inflation in States

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Inflation in States

There are many states in the country where the national average inflation rate is more than 7.79 percent. In these states like Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Jharkhand, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh, inflation is more than this average. Inflation is 8.46 in UP, 8.95 in Haryana, 7.80 in Jharkhand, 9.10 in Madhya Pradesh, 8.78 percent in Maharashtra. At the same time, the inflation rate is only 6.58 percent in Delhi, 7.56 percent in Bihar and 6.77 percent in Uttarakhand.

Inflation in States

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Inflation in States

which things are expensive

Cereal 5.96%
meat fish 6.97%
milk 5.47%
edible oil 17.28%
fruit 4.99%
Vegetable 15.41%
pulses 1.86%
Spices 10.56%
soft drink 5.46%
betel tobacco 2.7%
clothes shoes 9.85%

Difference between retail and wholesale inflation

Wholesale inflation measures the increase in prices at the wholesaler’s point and takes into account only the increase in the prices of goods, whereas retail inflation measures the price increase at the retailer’s point and includes the increase in the prices of goods and services. change is included. Manufactured goods have the highest weightage of 64.23 per cent in wholesale inflation. Whereas the highest weightage of 45.86 per cent in retail inflation has been given to food and beverages.

Will interest rates increase?

Retail inflation has remained above 6 per cent since January 2022. After the sudden monetary policy committee (MPC) meeting of the Reserve Bank last month, Governor Shaktikanta Das had said that the adverse effect of the steep rise in food prices due to the current geopolitical situation is visible in the domestic market as well. , and further inflationary pressures are likely to continue. RBI had recently increased the repo rate to curb inflation. RBI Governor Shaktikanta Das had announced a sudden hike in the repo rate earlier this month.

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