Indians use this word the most for password, read full report

Research on Password : In this age of technology and smartphones, we use netbanking, email accounts, payment apps and many social media accounts. Passwords have an important role in this from the point of view of security and this is the reason why experts recommend keeping strong passwords, but the people of India do not seem to be serious about it. This negligence has been revealed by a research by NordPass, in which many shocking information has come to the fore. It has come to the fore that what kind of password people of India keep.

People of India keep this type of password

This research by NordPass has revealed that the most popular password among the people of India is the word ‘Password’. Not only in India, but people from other countries of the world also use this word a lot for password. Apart from this, people in India also make their name and the name of their partner a password. According to research, when we talk about other common passwords used in India, words like iloveyou, Krishna, sairam and omsairam are most commonly used.

and which passwords are famous

It has been told in this research that the word which is used the most in the world is 12345 and QWERTY. Talking about India, apart from the above mentioned password, a large number of people here also make passwords for words like 123456789, 12345678, india123, qwerty, abc123, xxx, indya123, 1qaz@WSX, 123123, abcd1234 Qj 1qaz.

Most common password in the world

It has been revealed in this research that where the most common password in India is ‘Password’. At the same time, the top password in 43 out of 50 countries of the world is 123456. Experts call such passwords weak and the risk of such accounts being hacked is high.

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