Important news for 44 crore customers of SBI! Have you also received the message of a free gift, then…

State Bank Of India: There is important news for crores of customers having accounts in State Bank of India. If you have also received a message of a free gift, then you should also be careful. These days online frauds are increasing rapidly, so you have to be careful that some message or any unknown link does not make your lifetime earnings disappear. Let us tell you that at this time hackers are committing fraud with people through Phishing Attack. State Bank of India has alerted the customers by tweeting.

SBI tweeted
SBI has written on its official Twitter handle that whether such links are being received in your inbox? Do not click on them. Clicking on such phishing links can harm your hard earned money. SBI further wrote that be careful and have a good discussion before clicking.

Stay away from this type of message
SBI said that many such cases have come to the fore in which people are being cheated by giving the lure of free gifts. If you also have ‘Free Gift from National Bank of India?’ If messages are coming, then you should ignore such messages. With such messages, you can become a victim of fraud.

Do not share personal details
Apart from this, the bank has also said that we do not ask any customer for details like his account number, personal details, CVV, PIN, OTP. If someone is asking you for such details, then you should be careful. Apart from this, do not share your personal details with anyone.

Cases of fraud are increasing rapidly during the Corona period
Due to the increase in digital transactions during the Corona period, the cases of fraud are also increasing rapidly. So in such a situation, you have to be careful about any unknown message or link. Most of the people make the general public a victim of fraud through such messages.

empty account through phishing
These days hackers take bank details through phishing and then vacate people’s accounts. Apart from this, hackers or fraudsters send different types of messages to your mobile number to lure customers. These messages are so attractive and alluring that any customer can easily get caught in their trick.

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