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How do I start a successful YouTube channel and become a YouTuber?


How do I start a successful YouTube channel and become a YouTuber?


Beginning a YouTube channel might become a considerable supply of financial gain once you reach a precise threshold.

With additional and additional people choosing on-line video streaming services, beginning a channel on YouTube’s platform may be a sensible move. It conjointly appears like everyone seems to be on YouTube – from acting artists to large brands and businesses.

Although beginning a YouTube channel is simple heaps of beginners create mistakes and become terribly pissed off after they do not expertise any growth to their channel.

Here are eleven tips for success with beginning a YouTube channel.

1 – arrange your content. Before you even open your YouTube channel, think about the topics you are fascinated by and what it’s you would like to mention. YouTube includes a ton of niches (there’s one thing for everyone to relate to) – attempt to decide that one suits you best. Once you have your niche worked out, attempt to come back up with a “theme” for your videos – can you in the main do reviews? Sketches? Challenges? Walkthrough? There are unnumberable ways in which to use the platform and stand out among the gang. do not try and do something you are not comfy with.

2 – Have the proper instrumentation, however not at once. If you are simply beginning out, you’ll be able to use the camera on your smartphone (or portable computer if it’s excellent!) for your 1st few videos. See however it feels. Gain confidence in standing alone in an exceedingly area and talking to “invisible people” on camera. ensure your videos are well lit (sitting ahead of a window right around sunset sometimes offers the simplest lighting) and as you grow, slowly grow your channel. begin with obtaining an honest camera and advance to microphones, lighting, props and the other gear you are fascinated by.

3 – do not freak out if you are feeling like “you’ve done this” before. developing with innovative, never-before-seen content is nearly not possible. Gather inspiration from others on YouTube (and continuously provide them credit for his or her ideas!), create “sequels” or “episodes” to your own videos. rather like an honest tv series, folks like consistency, that conjointly brings ME to my next purpose –

4 – Have an even schedule. As you will grow and gain additional subscribers, you will find people are looking ahead to your videos to be uploaded. try and arrange a program you’ll be able to maintain with: begin with posting a video once per week. create your videos’ length consistent too – it’s alright to “veer off course” each currently and so, however if you always transfer videos that are 10-15 minutes long, attempt to keep it that manner.

5 – Edit your videos. It appears obvious, however heaps of individuals do not jazz after they simply begin out – they will transfer “raw” footage because it as and though it’s entertaining now and then, people don’t need to visualize you. 

6 – do not compare yourself to others. everyone struggles on YouTube within the starting, and therefore the struggle is real even once you are a “big shot” on the platform. Be your own person and keep faithful yourself, do not try and mimic different YouTubers. The additional authentic you’re, the better.

7 – Do SEO. YouTube is that the second most used program on-line. The road to success on YouTube does not begin and finish with uploading content – you wish to create positive people who can recognize it’s there. Use descriptive titles incorporating relevant keywords – try and suppose sort of a viewer writing a research question – and ensure you employ tags in your video’s description.

8 – create friends and share your channel together with your existing friends. The additional connections you’ve got on the platform, the additional potential exposure you’ve got. to Illustrate you’ve got befriended another YouTuber and set to create a video with them – currently you’ll need their audience looking you too, and if they such as you, they’ll move to your channel to visualize additional of you. Collaborations are an excellent thanks to grow your channel. Also, use links on different social media platforms so as to market your channel and update your friends and family on videos!

9 – scan your comments however do not take it to heart. this can be easier mentioned than done, however it’s attainable. try and create the simplest of the case and do not get into fights with viewers.

10 – provide yourself a lift. i do know people wish to get on their mental attitude and faux like they ne’er did or can ne’er do that – however purchase a couple of subscribers once beginning your channel. i am not talking regarding shopping for a lot of subscribers on a channel with one video. once beginning out with one video, strive shopping for up to twenty subscribers and views. create it look real and feel real. As you grow, purchase a couple of additional if you think that it necessary.

11 – Be friendly. People can investigate your videos and provides feedback (positive and negative), they’ll share their own stories and can try and begin conversations. Participate. do not ignore any feedback and be accessible to your subscribers and viewers. Take the time to answer your fans (because that is what most of them are as weird because it could feel at first) and be realistic.

If you will follow the following tips and utilize the recommendation given, your channel can grow before you may suppose. simply keep in mind that everything is a chance for learning and developing.


Rushabh Kothari

Senior Journalist at Youthistaan.

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