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Hate nationalism!

Don’t know in which world Supreme Court Justice Joseph is living. That’s why his hate-bashing and his blaming on TV channels and anchors is amazing. Not only this, he also said that the government should make laws. Think, expect from a government whose nationalism and national motives are hated. The hate that is Gangotri. Imagine that when Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah and their officers would have heard Justice Joseph’s remarks, then in what expression of hatred they must have thought on Judge Saheb. Would the concern of Judge Saheb have clicked in the present mind of Delhi’s power, nation’s power, Hindu nation and politics? Will the media, TV channels, even the slightest be upset?

Not at all. Why? Because all these are the guardians of the current national religion. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah and the Sangh Parivar are true fighters who walk on the path of hate and duty. It is from these TV channels that Hindus have their intellect, their knowledge and dreams. PM Modi has charisma. Devotion is superstition. India is a cowardly creation of the intellect. The power of the subjects is to become a slave.

am i wrong?

Keep your hands on your heart and think honestly, is the nation building of India not happening in the year 2022 due to hatred, hated government, hated media and hated intellect of people? Hate is the magic, it is the EVM machine, which has led Narendra Modi to win the elections again and again. The devotion of Hindus has to be permanent in spite of all the calamities. If there is hatred then there is the power of Jayshree Ram’s declaration. Its export. Recently, because of its export to Britain, Hindus raised slogans of Jai Shri Ram on the streets of Leicester city or not? British whites hated the slogans of Jayshree Ram Vs Allah Hu Akbar, did India know the world leader or not?

politics of race culture or language

Only then think about the new India identity of eight years. A subcontinent of hate. Hate Lab. Hate democracy. The rule of hatred. Hate media. The knowledge and wisdom of hatred. Hate politics. The path of hatred. The duty path of hatred. Third Panipat Battle of Hate.

Think, what is India today? In the year 2022, what is the single main thing about 140 crore Indians, their government, their politics, their social behavior and life routine? Is the life of the country? What is the country’s mind, debate, discussion, writing-reading and social media?

So take note. The essence of everything is hatred and the brain mold developed in it! Imagine when Narendra Modi would be holding his cabinet meeting, looking at the faces, he would not be in the throes of hatred on a face like Nitin Gadkari? Do Narendra Modi and Amit Shah not consider themselves enemies in hatred of whatever they are not? Don’t hate criticisms and critics? Doesn’t BJP hate Congress? What Congress doesn’t do to BJP and Sangh. Meaning all the distinctions of favor versus opposition, my own versus the other, supporter versus opponent, Hindu versus Muslim, etc., are not patriot versus anti-national, Modi Bhakt versus anti-Modi, righteous versus heretical, are not molded into the hateful molds? Then bulldozer, Jai Shri Ram, whoever raids, whoever is imprisoned and the entire media is not a tool developed in the national religion of hatred?

That’s why hate is Gangotri. The climate of the country. Hindus are breathing new health amidst global pollution. Com’s character. There is enthusiasm of the new generation and especially the youth. Business, education, art and culture are the mantra to change. It is the creation of a new intellect. Bollywood is determined to improve. Desh-community is the identity and fame of Hindu Vishwaguruta. The biggest thing that is hated is the nationalism of the nation-state! Nation building stone. Hate is PM Modi’s new Amrit Vela and its next twenty five years’ nectar path!

And the Supreme Court is abusing hate!

Shubham Bangwal

Shubham Bangwal is a Senior Journalist at You can follow him on Twitter @sb_0fficial
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