Haryana’s amazing in hockey

If Haryana has become the champion, then full credit to its players, The team goes to the management and the coaches, Who has not only won the national title bypassing the government betrayal, but has also exposed the so-called sports love and lies of the leaders of the state. The truth is that the players of the state on their own, With your hard work and your perseverance, you have become a champion.

Haryana has won the title of 12th Senior National Hockey Championship. The emerging sports state of the country has done this charisma after eleven years. Some hockey lovers are saying how awesome it got! The success of a state where lakhs of crores is being spent on sportspersons and whose Sports Minister is an Olympian hockey player himself is not surprising.

But as it appears, it is nothing like that. In fact, if Haryana has become the champion, then all the credit goes to its players, team management and coaches, who have not only won the national title bypassing the government’s betrayal, but have also exposed the so-called sports love and lies of the state leaders. The truth is that the players of the state have become champions on their own, because of their hard work and their stubbornness. He did not get any help from the State Sports Ministry, Sports Minister, Sports Department or anyone else.

On the condition of hiding their names, when some players and responsible people associated with the team management narrated the story of Haryana becoming the champion, then any sports lover and those who glorify government claims will bow their neck in shame. Although the history of hooliganism and showmanship taking place under the guise of sports in the state is very old, but what happened to the hockey team is a tremendous slap on those who consider sports as their grandchildren. It is learned that the Haryana team did not get any help from the State Sports Department and Hockey Association. Some officials did not even want to send the team.

Due to the internal factionalism of the State Olympic Association and the Hockey Association, the players had to pay the rent from their own pockets. He himself had to do the jugaad of the dress to play. Not only this, they were not even provided the ground for training. After losing, the team practiced at Ghumman Heda, Delhi. Finally the Haryana team reached the venue four days before by persuasion from the organizers of Bhopal.

While all the teams reached Bhopal after a month-long training camp, the players of the national champion team kept on stumbling from time to time. Well, by becoming the national champions, the players of Haryana have shown that even if the defender becomes a eater, the players of the state of milk and curd have the ability to do anything on their own.

This performance is a slap on those who boast of being friendly to the players. According to some players, the job of the government is to do tilak after seeing the forehead. The players who return after winning medals in Olympics and big events, the leaders of the state loot them for free by robbing them of crores. They have nothing to give for the rest.

How much truth is there in the allegations of champions is a matter of investigation. Players and hockey lovers across the country sympathize with the champions of Haryana and want a fair investigation so that the players never face such embarrassing situation again in future. Will the Sports Minister and the Chief Minister get the inquiry done?

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