Had a fight with PM Modi, why don’t you resign? Sushant Sinha’s question to Satyapal Malik, also a target on Rakesh Tikait

Meghalaya Governor Satya Pal Malik has created a stir in the corridors of politics by revealing about the meeting with PM Narendra Modi. Speaking at an event in Dadri, Haryana, Satyapal Malik, while talking about his feud with PM Modi, said that when he was talking to the Prime Minister about the death of farmers, there was a lot of pride in him. What Satyapal Malik said, ‘When I met the Prime Minister on the issue of farmers, I got into a fight with him within five minutes. He was very proud. When I told him, 500 of our people died, he said, are you dead for me? ‘ Famous anchor Sushant Sinha has reacted to this revelation of Satyapal Malik.

On the disclosure of Satyapal Malik, Sushant Sinha raised the question that if the governor had a fight with PM Modi, then why did he not resign? Sushant Sinha has also targeted Rakesh Tikait along with Satyapal Malik.

Modi is arrogant, if he said this about farmers, why did Satyapal Malik not resign then?

Sushant Sinha said, ‘Satyapal Malik is claiming that PM Modi is so arrogant that he said- ‘Farmer has died for me?’ So brother, your conscience was there, you (Satyapal Malik) should have returned to the Raj Bhavan at the same time and should have said that brother, I will not work with such a man. But then you kept sitting. Actually, they know that Narendra Modi is going to speak at their level, not what happened in the meeting of a Governor and a Prime Minister? So they speak one way. Whatever they say, they came after quarreling, but they did not dare to write their resignation.

Sushant Sinha raised the question, ‘If this thing happened, then why was not told for so long. What was the need to tell them now? All these who are there… Those who come and talk to Narendra Modi, they come out and tell them.

Sushant Sinha’s three questions to Satyapal Malik

sushant sinha asked the question- as governor you talked inside… so why did you come out and say? Second- why don’t you resign? Third- How to believe that what you are saying is true? Actually, all these things are coming out because when PM Modi went on Meerut tour, Modi-Modi was happening there. These people are hurt by this. Satyapal Malik wants Modi to remove him from the governor’s chair and he will go and contest the elections. But Modi is not removing them. That’s why these people are coming and saying that Modi said – have the farmers died for me?

These people are getting shocked seeing the popularity of Modi-Yogi

Referring to the Times Now Navbharat poll, Sushant Sinha said that in this, 48 ​​percent of the people have described the Yogi government as farmer friendly. Now it is not being digested by these people that even after the farmers’ movement, their popularity is not decreasing. Their problem is that in rural areas of UP, 40 percent people are liking the BJP. Now their problem is that they used to think that brother, we had come after provoking the farmers, but they are still liking the BJP. Their problem is that in western Uttar Pradesh, where they thought that we had come by instigating the Jat community, the survey shows BJP getting 60 seats. Despite hitting so many hands and feet, neither Narendra Modi nor Yogi is able to reduce the popularity of Aditya Nath. Now they are thinking that if this environment continues, then who will give them tickets, how will they contest elections?

If BJP had looked weak, Rakesh Tikait and Satyapal Malik Kabka would have jumped into the electoral fray.

Sushant Sinha said that Satyapal Malik feels that brother, I should have been a cabinet minister. It happens at this age that people have dreams. They have no credibility. speak anything. If these people understood that BJP is looking weak in UP, then Rakesh Tikait and Satyapal Malik would have decided to contest the elections. Satyapal Malik would have resigned and entered the electoral fray, but these people still do not believe in themselves. Hey, when you don’t have faith, how will you defeat Modi if you want to contest elections?

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