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Guftagoo With Jidnya Sujata

Jidnya Sujata, A Young and Enthusiastic Artist. She shared her journey with us and we’re sharing her journey with you. She is great in writing feelings, in various dance forms and in designing too! Let’s swim in her ocean of Art!


1. Poetry, Dance, Art & Design! Lot’s of talent ! Which is the source of this?
– The source of my talent? Can I say food? Kidding. So when it comes to dancing, I don’t really remember because I started doing it when I was literally 3-4 years old ( the authenticity of this information can be proved by my mother’s memory of me).
– Poetry is something I stumbled upon in my 9th grade when I wrote a poem about how much I hate studying, it was co-written with my best friend then. I lost touch of it in the years that followed. Then, in 2014 I started again with small poems, quotes. But my actual relationship with poetry started in 2016 after a very weird heartbreak. I haven’t stopped since then.
– The design is something I found while struggling with life, poetry, and teenage drama. The ideas that couldn’t become a poem, became a Photoshoped graphic.


2. That Last Smile – You wrote your heart out! Tell us about that.
– After my Aaji passed away, I didn’t know how to cope up with it. I wouldn’t say I was shattered but I felt empty and too full at the same time. One fine evening, after looking at her pictures in my phone, I just took out my diary and wrote whatever I could. I wasn’t even sure if I’d ever performed it. But with time, I gathered the courage to do it. I don’t regret that decision.




3. Describe Yahya in a sentence!
Hahahahahahahahheisbeautifulhahahahandtootalented hahahaha. Why did you ask me this though?

( Humm ! Good Question ! )

4. Do you remember when did you performed on the stage for the first time ?
– Dance? I actually don’t. But poetry? Yes. It was on 13th June 2016. I over performed, forgot my lines, stammered, used too many hand gestures. It was like Twinkle twinkle little star done by a child, just less cuter and more embarrassing.


5. How does it feels when you write about your feelings?
Oh, it feels good. You know the feeling you get when you have to control your bladder for a long time, then you finally let go. It’s the same feeling. Maybe. Ya. Okay.


6. Did you wanted to be an artist since your childhood?
Yes. I always looked at myself as a dancer. And I wasn’t into studying anyway.


7. You’ve recently changed your social media profile name with your mother’s name. We really appreciate this.
Thank you so much. I always talk about bringing a change in this patriarchal society. I finally realized that charity must begin at home. Plus, she brought out the artist in me at a very young age. So I feel, she deserves for her name to be taken every time someone takes mine.


8. As a Youngster, what do you think about the current situation of Youth?
Honestly, I’m really disappointed with the way our generation has turned out to be. That includes me too. I also agree that one side of this generation is waking and is speaking up, fighting back against so many evils in this society- namely- patriarchy, misogyny, injustice against women and men both, taboos and the conservative mentality and so much more, But on the other hand, most of us are still stuck in a loop, living the same old ideologies, talking about bringing a change but not participating in it. The answer would be too long. But you get my point.


9. Any special message for The Youth?
We need to learn how to be kind and empathetic and pro-choice which we fail to do miserably. We need to learn how to opinionated and also learn how to not force our opinions on someone else. All of us also need to learn how to respect other people. Also, brownie points for supporting art.



That’s all in this Guftagoo With Jidnya Sujata.

Don’t forget to follow her on Instagram @_jidnya for amazing pieces of Art!

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