Great news! This month, the arrears of 4 months are going to come in the account of these employees, DA will increase


7th Pay Commission: There is good news for the retired employees of the Central Government. In the month of November, the government can give a big gift to these employees. Let us tell you that along with the pension for the month of November, the retired employees will get 4 months of outstanding pension along with the benefit of increased dearness relief.

Dearness allowance has become 31 percent
The central government has increased DA and DR from July 1. The government has increased this to 31 percent. Apart from this, the employees can get the money for the months of July, August, September and October along with the pension of November. As of now, its official announcement has not been made yet, but it can be officially announced soon.

Know how much will the salary increase?
According to media reports, the calculation of DR is done on the basic salary of the employees. Suppose the pension of an employee is Rs 20,000, then his salary will increase by about Rs 600 per month.

How much will you get arrears?
Talking about the arrears received under the 7th Pay Commission, the amount of all the employees will be according to their grade. At present, if the basic salary of an employee is Rs 31550, then he was getting Rs 8834 according to 28 percent DR, but if the government increased the DA by 3 percent, then according to 31 percent, his salary was Rs 9781 per month of DR. will increase.

How much will you get pension?
If we look at the calculation on the basis of officer grade salary, then the DR will increase by Rs 947 every month. This means that the dues for four months will be Rs 3,788. If we also include the increased DR of November, then pensioners will get Rs 4,375.

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