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Govinda became blind in love with Neelam, had a fight with Sunita

Govinda and Neelam Kothari love story: Bollywood superstar Govinda has worked in many big films. Even today his name is taken first. There was a time when Govinda was in love with Neelam. His love was such that he even broke off his engagement with Sunita Ahuja. Discussions of the film pair on the film screen were happening a lot at that time. That’s why on screen romance turned into offscreen. They too could not know. Then there was such an earthquake in three lives that there was a lot of upheaval in the whole relationship.

Govinda turned against Neelam


When Neelam and Govinda started working together. Everyone started liking this pair on the screen. It became such a hit in no time that the producer-director started signing them together, while doing the same on-screen romance, both off-screen. Fell in love on screen as well as in real life. Slowly the news of his leg started spreading from the set. This news also reached Sunita’s ears. Govinda had a fiancee at that time. She was chosen by Govinda’s mother as daughter-in-law. Which he never used to talk about, but something happened that Govinda did not take any time to break his relationship with Sunita.

There was a rift between Sunita Neelam

At that time Sunita got tensed as she was engaged to Govinda, whose name was being associated with Neelam at that time, hence there was a heated argument between the two. Sunita could not control herself, did not know about Neelamgovinda What did he say, Govinda got angry with him and broke off the engagement, at that time he decided that if he did not call, he would marry Neelam only. According to reports, when Sunita’s anger calmed down, she called Govinda and the matter was settled.

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