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Global Rahukaal from Trump, Putin, Xi, Rajapaksa!

I think the whole world is stuck in bad Rahu Kaal. Everywhere foolish, clumsy and fanatical leaders have got or are getting power. Neither democratic countries are an exception nor dictatorial countries. Consider the nine big rich countries. Donald Trump is a huge challenge in front of President Biden in America on the strength of hardline whites. Biden said on Thursday that American democracy was under threat from “mega forces”. Meaning the ‘Make America Great Again’ call of Donald Trump’s supporters is a threat to American democracy. These people want to take the country back. In fact, Donald Trump has taken over the Republican Party and is making that party an extremist and semi-fascist.

This happens in Europe as well. Macron returned as president, but the parliament is dominated by hardline and extreme MPs. I believe that the solidarity with which the European Union has mobilized against Russia after the Russian attack on Ukraine is to make the conflict in Europe permanent. If Liz Truss becomes prime minister in Britain, she will face the same uncertainty and trouble as in Germany under the command of Olaf Scholz. Scholz is a liberal, a social democrat but a flutter. Only then will Germany be in the worst condition in winter.

After America, Britain, Germany, France, Italy has been hit by political instability, while Japan and Canada are under pressure from the condition of America and Europe even though everything is fine. After these seven, if we look at China and Russia as an economy, on the one hand Putin’s autocratic, fanatical and brash mood reigns. At the same time, the attitude of Chinese President Xi Jinping is not only racist but also suicidal. China’s self-destruction is paving the way for Kovid and the development rate and the kind of hardline and rigid attitude that President Xi Jinping has taken towards Taiwan.

Then came India, Brazil and South Africa. what shall i say? Less will be said on Prime Minister Narendra Modi, President Bolsonaro and President Ramaphosa. You understand yourself. Whatever happens, in the coming years, there is going to be something in the economies of the countries, recession, unemployment, war and the health of the countries and their deterioration, which we and you can only imagine.

Shubham Bangwal

Shubham Bangwal is a Senior Journalist at You can follow him on Twitter @sb_0fficial
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