From today, the price of gas cylinder has increased by Rs 250, finally given the shock of inflation!

New Delhi | Gas Cylinder Price Hiked: State-owned oil companies have played another game on Friday, not increasing the prices of petrol and diesel. Today, by increasing the prices of gas cylinders, the general public has been given a shock of inflation. From April 1, the prices of LPG cylinders have been increased by Rs 250 simultaneously. Oil companies have made this increase in commercial gas cylinders. Its effect is also going to be visible on the rising inflation in the country.

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LPG cylinders Price Hike :

How long will domestic gas consumers survive
Gas Cylinder Price Hiked: However, at present, the oil companies have not increased any price on LPG cylinders because, 10 days ago, the companies had increased the prices of domestic LPG cylinders by Rs 50. Due to which crores of gas consumers have been saved from this shock, but for how long will they survive.

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Delhi – After increasing the price of commercial gas cylinder by Rs 250, a 19 kg cylinder in the capital Delhi has now become Rs 2,253. Whereas, a 14.2 kg LPG cylinder without subsidy is available for Rs 949.50.

Mumbai – In the financial capital Mumbai, the price of commercial gas cylinder has increased from Rs 1,955 to Rs 2,205.

Kolkata – The 19 kg cylinder here has now become Rs 2,351.

Chennai – The price of commercial gas cylinder in the state has gone up to Rs 2,406. Due to the ever-increasing prices, now eating outside the house is going to be even more expensive.

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