Ever heard of having a ‘sex strike’!? Nowadays women in America are making similar threats, know the matter

On June 24, the US Supreme Court overturned a five-decade-old decision that legally approved abortion, this decision is being fiercely opposed.

In the US, the Supreme Court recently overturned its 50-year-old decision, abolishing the constitutional right to abortion. Women were given the constitutional right to abortion in ‘Row Vs Wade Ruling’, which has now been abolished by the US Supreme Court. After this, 26 of the 50 US states have started preparing to legally ban abortion. This decision of the court is getting huge opposition in America. These days women are threatening a nationwide sex strike in protest against the abortion law. Women say that they do not want to get pregnant and will not have sex with any man for that. This protest is also getting tremendous support in American social media.

Let us tell you that in protest against this decision, demonstrations are being held all over America for the last two days. In almost all the states, women are protesting against this decision by taking to the streets on a large scale. Women on the streets of America are protesting this decision with banner-posters of sex strikes in large numbers. A woman protesting on the streets in New York is looking for people who can coordinate a mass sex strike. After withdrawing the right to abortion, all of them are registering their protest by raising the slogan ‘No more sex’. This demand has increased so much that #SexStrike has been trending on American social media for two days.

Apart from the protests, there was violence after the Supreme Court’s decision in Portland in the US state of Oregon. Protesting groups ransacked several buildings. Not only this, many women also called for not having sex with men who support the Republican Party, who support this rule. Women wrote slogans on the walls of the Library of Congress in protest against the Supreme Court’s decision.

Let us tell you that on June 24, the US Supreme Court overturned a five-decade-old decision that legally approved abortion. With this, the 50-year-old constitutional protection of abortion in America ended. Now all the states of America will make their own separate rules regarding the right of women to abortion. In the United States, in the 1973 Roe v Wade decision, the Supreme Court upheld abortion as a constitutional right.

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