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Due to the film Gadar, there was an uproar, bottles were thrown at the screen

Gadar 2 Sunny Deol: Once again Sunny Deol is ready to set the theaters on fire with his film. His film Gadar Two is about to release. People are very excited to see his film. Sunny Deol will again be seen with Ameesha Patel in the film. This film is not only based on history, but this film itself also created a history. When this film was released in 2001, not only in the film but also outside, a lot of treason was cut, which is still in discussion till date.

There was an uproar for the film


The story of this film was during the partition of India-Pakistan. So it was bound to have a Hindu-Muslim angle in it, but at that time there were reports that Gadar is an anti-Muslim movie. so people especially A different feeling had awakened in the hearts of the Muslims at that time. At that time, not only in this film but also in real life, people revolted a lot. In an interview, the film’s director Anil Sharma told that at that time many theatersSunny Deol,Ameesha Patel,Bollywood ,Entertainment was consigned to the fire. This happened especially in Bhopal and Hyderabad. Not only this, even glass bottles were thrown at the screen in London. Because of which glassware was banned in theatres.

the situation was very bad

The situation was so bad that a special force was kept outside the theatre. His duty was changed in 6-6 hours. Because there used to be eight shows in a day and not only this, there was a tremendous craze for this film among the people. which todaySunny Deol,Ameesha Patel,Bollywood ,Entertainment also remains intact. At present, the release date of Gadar 2 has not been announced yet, but every person is anxious to know the story ahead of it.

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